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Popular Japanese Desserts


My younger sister is absolutely obsessed with Japanese culture, but despite all her musings, studies, and Rosetta Stone, she is an American girl when it comes to food. So lately I’ve been trying to find some sweet Japanese recipes to ease her into the world of Japanese food and, more importantly, Japanese desserts! So here’s a Japanese dessert introduction for her, and for you! I invite you to test out some of these fun recipes at your next dinner party or any time you’re feeling worldly.


Anmitsu is a traditional Japanese dessert comprised mostly of sweet azuki bean paste, red bean jelly, and fruits. The recipe, which is from All Recipes for You, could make for a sweet, cold summer treat!


This Vanilla and Kiwi Kanten Jelly from The Cookie Shop is a perfect summer jelly dessert. Bright and fruity, these adorable jellies will be sure to have both adults and kids smitten at your next backyard barbeque.


When my fiancee and I were living in Washington DC, we had an awesome Asian market in our neighborhood that sold frozen, prepackaged Mochi. I would love to lie and say that I was above purchasing a ton of it to eat while I watched Gossip Girl, but I probably still have some empty wrappers to prove it. This Mochi recipe  from My Kitchen is, however, much more fresh and much more tasty than my prepackaged treat.


This Strawberry Mochi from Bento Corner is a fresh take on an old classic. The strawberry flavor is light and tangy, but the traditional Mochi flavor still manages to shine through. You will need to make a run to your local market for this recipe though as it calls for a box of mochiko and a can of koshi an (red bean filling).

Matcha is by far one of my favorite flavors in the entire world, so when I saw this Matcha Cake with Red Bean Icing, I knew I needed to try it. While I wasn’t so sure about the red bean icing, I chose to trust the recipe’s author, The Batter Baker, and was pleasantly surprised. If you’ve never had matcha or red bean icing, this is an excellent first dish to try!

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