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We’re all in need of a little inspiration here and there, right?! Well, this post is most certainly going to get you motivated regardless of professional and personal interests. Natalie Franke and Krista Jones, the lovely ladies behind Rising Tide Society, are here with a much needed daily dose of creative encouragement! We loved hearing their insightful thoughts and ideas on business branding and collaboration. Read on for more!

“When Krista and I used to tell people that we were best friends and photographers in the same market, I’m not sure that they ever quite understood how two competitors could become the closest of allies? And yet, the more that we supported one another – the more our businesses grew!

We quickly came to understand that as creatives, we are stronger together than we could ever be apart. When I shared my knowledge with Krista, she shared hers with me. Our businesses became stronger, our images improved, and clients were attracted to the positive atmosphere that we created together. From the fabric of our friendship, the Rising Tide Society was born.

We want to champion camaraderie and reshape the conversation. We want to empower dreamers to become business owners and to help those entrepreneurs overcome the odds that are already stacked against them. And in order to do that, we need to look at things a little differently and adjust our mindset.

Natalie Franke

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We are colleagues, not competitors.

The success of your colleague contributes to the industry in a positive and upward fashion. As the saying goes, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

When creatives share ideas, innovate, collaborate, and support one another – it raises the standards of business, customer service, and creative artistry across the board. It elevates our industry as a whole and sets the stage for advancement.

We must use our words to build others up rather than tearing them down. That knowledge is power and sharing it with newcomers allows for innovation and improvement for the entire industry. Put simply, it is better to be FOR people than it is to be AGAINST them.

And our hope is to cultivate this spirit among creatives online by educating and empowering them to thrive!

natalie franke1

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First and foremost, we must define the culprits of comparison. Although Social Media contributes significantly to modern businesses and has a significant amount of marketing potential, it also comes with the price tag of constantly being bombarded with an impossible standard of beauty, success, and aesthetics. And far too often, this mechanism that is designed to bring people together can so easily tear us all apart. So the first, and most difficult step, to overcoming comparison often lies in identifying the culprits and eliminating them from your field of view.

If Instagram in the morning leaves you feeling inadequate, post your image for the day and delete the application completely from your phone. If there is a person you’ve placed on a pedestal and constantly measure up to or a negative voice that consistently brings you down, you may need to un-follow (at least temporarily) until you begin to rejuvenate + heal. Those culprits for comparison will always be there, and ignoring them won’t make them go away entirely, but it is the first step to taking control of the problem, protecting your creativity and establishing a more positive mindset.

Our second task to overcome comparison lies in focusing on your strengths and redirecting your energy in the spirit of gratitude. You have to guard your heart against those triggers that bring about unrealistic insecurities within your life and business! I’ve found that by honing in on my strengths and the things that make me unique, rather than idolizing those aspects in others, I feel more fulfilled.

Start by asking yourself…

What am I good at? And how can I focus on using my strengths to better serve others in my life + business?

The power of positive self-talk should not be underestimated. Remember to give yourself a break and hold yourself to realistic goals rather than the perfected realities of social media! We’re taught from the time we’re young to be kind to others… but so often we forget to treat ourselves with that same compassion.

And one of the best ways to overcome comparison is to redirect your energy in the spirit of gratitude! Look around at the blessings that you have and truly be grateful. Find ways not to focus on what you’re lacking, but rather on what you have to offer others in the pursuit of service.

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Finally, the last step in overcoming comparison is to place Community above Competition. The world is constantly encouraging the dog-eat-dog ideology of competition and rallies business owners against one another in the pursuit of success. Social media has created an entire system that ranks us through larger concepts such as “likes” and “followers”. If someone has more followers or likes on their business account, they are seen as more successful. If someone gets more views on their blog post, they are deemed more worthy of our time.

To live a fulfilling life, you cannot remain a victim of the comparison game and we cannot equate our worth with the numbers we see following us online. We must seek to celebrate the accomplishments of others rather than use those achievements as pillars of comparison. I’ve found that surrounding myself with positive people, voices of mutual support and guidance; help to keep my mind optimistic in times of growth within my business.

You are a reflection of the people that surround you and so much strength comes from building a group of friends who are encouraging, positive, and genuine.”

natatlie franke 3

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