Samosa, India’s fried version of a sandwich, can be filled with almost anything. Today we’re highlighting this traditional Indian Samosa from Playful Cooking. This recipe simply combines potatoes and peas within a flaky, fried crust. The spices, including dried mango powder, are really what make this recipe shine. Getting the perfect flaky consistency can be tricky, but this recipe gives you the secret: start cooking the samosa in room temperature oil and allow them to heat up as the oil does! Whether you’re trying something new or mimicking your favorite Indian snack, this potato and pea samosa is sure to hit the spot. Many people prefer to pair samosa with a sweet or green chutney, but you can dip samosa in something you’ve already got around the house: ketchup! Enjoy.

Potatoes and Peas Samosa Recipe via Playful Cooking

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