Looking for a way to make your next celebration stand out? Luckily, Jessica of Pen N’ Paperflowers Inc. has stopped by today to show us the perfect treat! These adorable Potted Parfait Cupcakes will provide your party-goers with both a fun DIY activity and a delicious dessert they can customize to make their own. Whether you’re hosting a garden-themed gathering, a ladies luncheon, a bridal shower, a birthday party, a baby shower, or even a family reunion, these Potted Parfait Cupcakes are sure to leave guests feeling inspired!




–12 cupcakes (homemade or store-bought without frosting)
–1 bag of mini M&M’s (12 ounces)
–1 bag of mini chocolate chips (12 ounces)
–1 box of chocolate pudding (4 ounces)
–1 package of chocolate cream cookies (15.5 ounces)
–Fresh mint
–12 mini terra cotta pots
–12 wooden spoons for plant markers (I painted mine with Martha Stewart Chalkboard Paint)
–12 sheets of wax paper* (cut depending on the size of your pots)

*Wax paper prevents any food you put in the clay pots from coming in contact with the terra cotta, which could have residual chemicals.



1. To create the edible potting soil, crush up your cookies by using a blender or place the cookies in a large Ziploc bag and use a rolling pin).

2. Place a cupcake in the center of a piece of pre-cut wax paper.
3. Push the wax paper-wrapped cupcake down into the bottom of your pot.
4. Scoop or spoon on your candy toppings and pudding (this will serve as your “fertilizer”)

5. Top with the cookie crumb potting soil.
6. Snip off a sprig of mint, and insert it into the edible soil to complete the look.

7. Push a cute spoon plant marker into the finished Potted Parfait.


Can you think of another celebration that would be perfect for this clever edible craft?

Written and Photographed by: Jessica of Pen N’ Paperflowers Inc.

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