Quiche Lorraine Recipe

A classic Quiche Lorraine Recipe! This savory crust and satisfying filling, create an absolutely perfect breakfast quiche for any occasion. A buttery, flaky pastry crust and a savory egg filling? Sign me up! This Quiche Lorraine Recipe is the best breakfast dish for any elegant brunch or casual luncheon. I started baking quiches a couple of years ago, and it has been absolute true love ever since!


Party Food & Appetizer Recipe

I really love making mini-quiches for Baby Showers and Bridal Showers too! They’re such tasty treats that you can quickly make into a stunning presentation. Plus, ever since I started baking quiches, they have become some of Andy’s favorites. He’s actually started requesting quiche recipes for breakfast on his birthday and Father’s Day. How spoiled is he?? ;)  I’m a huge fan of basically any quiche recipe, but our new BFFF contributor, Lauren from Going For Grace has perfected this Quiche Lorraine recipe. It’s such an easy quiche recipe for first-time quiche bakers! But even if you’re an expert quiche-maker, you’ll be looking for any excuse to bake this amazing Quiche Lorraine Recipe! :)


How To Make Quiche

For me, quiche is one of those recipes that always seem so classic and sophisticated. Quiche are almost always featured on an elegant brunch menu and you can totally picture it in a window of a fancy French restaurant. Since you usually only see quiches displayed in a tasteful setting, so many people think that quiche is a super complicated recipe to make. Or they think that quiche recipes can only be rolled out for special occasions. Want to know a secret though? A quiche recipe is not all that hard to pull off! In fact, this quiche recipe is so easy that I promise you can bake it for something as casual as a lazy, weekend breakfast. Mastering this Quiche Lorraine recipe, will have all of your friends and family thinking you’re a total baking pro! ;)


Quiche Lorraine Recipe

Quiche Lorraine is definitely the most classic quiche out there. This quiche is traditionally served with tons of bacon and a heaping helping of Swiss Cheese. But Quiche Lorraine is so fantastic because you can absolutely get creative with your filling! This quiche recipe is totally meatless, but you can add in small pieces of ham, keep with the traditional bacon, or add sausage if you like. Any ingredients that you know you and your family love can definitely be added to this Quiche Lorraine!


How To Make A Pastry Crust For Quiche Lorraine

The pastry for your Quiche Lorraine is arguably the most important part. A beautiful, flaky pastry crust loaded with butter is basically a requirement of any great Quiche Lorraine. Making a pastry dough or crust from scratch always sounds so overwhelming, but with an electric mixer, it’s a total breeze! As you add all of your ingredients together, just remember to keep your mixer speed on low. This will give your butter (two whole sticks worth!) a chance to distribute through all of your pastry. You want to make sure that every last bite of the Quiche Lorraine has that buttery taste! After your dough is completely mixed, roll it out, and let it chill in the fridge. You can even make this dough the day before and let it chill overnight, for an even easier baking time.


How To Make Quiche Lorraine Filling

Once you’ve perfected that heavenly quiche pastry, you can start to work on the filling for your Quiche Lorraine. This quiche recipe just uses eggs, onions, cheese, and seasonings for its amazing filling. But the sky is seriously the limit with a quiche filling! You can change out the ingredients, like adding Cheddar Cheese instead of Swiss Cheese or swapping the onion for chives, or totally make it your own! I do love the idea of personalizing your Quiche Lorraine filling to make an instant family favorite! No matter what ingredients and seasonings you decide to use, remember to pour the filling carefully when ready. I recommend placing your pan on a rimmed baking sheet, and actually filling the crust while it’s in the oven. Ideally, this little trick will keep any of the filling from pouring over the sides of your crust, as you move it from the counter to the oven!

Have any of you ever attempted to make a Quiche Lorraine recipe? Or any quiche recipe? I’m looking for new inspiration for my mini-quiche recipe, so be sure to share any new quiche inspired ideas! I’m so excited for all of you to make Lauren’s Quiche Lorraine and look like a total French chef in front of all your friends. ;)


Recipe for Best Friends For Frosting by BFFF Contributor: Going for Grace. Don’t forget to follow Lauren on Instagram.  You will LOVE her feed! Photography for BFFF by Morgan Smythe

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      I just love mini-quiches, and I consider them the perfect snack, breakfast, lunch and dinner: D
      Most of all, it’s like that you can cook it with just about anything, you can make salty mini-quiches or sweet, and it will ideal. Earlier I often ate it in cafes or restaurants, several times I was treated to them at work. I really was inclined to think that this is a rather complicated cooking process. But you opened my eyes, now I realized that this is not so difficult already, and I will definitely try to cook it myself.


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