Raspberry Confetti Kisses

Raspberry Confetti Kisses

Last year for Easter, my younger sister made fluffy, sweet meringue cookies topped with fruit. They were sweet, white peaks of sugary goodness, but this year for Easter, I think I am going to send her this recipe for Raspberry Confetti Kisses. They are so colorful, fun, and make for a delicious, pop-in-your-mouth treat. On her blog, Easybaked, Ruthanne shares her recipe for her Raspberry Confetti Kisses, which crisp on the outside, light-and-fluffy on the inside. Ruthanne uses Raspberry Jell-O, which lends the kisses the light pink color and raspberry flavor, but don’t be afraid to get creative, especially with those bright springtime colors that Jell-O provides us: lime green, lemon yellow, and orange. Have some fun this Easter, and give someone a confetti kiss!

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Photo by: Easybaked


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