Red Vine Licorice Cupcake

I love anything sweet. And while my sweet tooth is easily satisfied with pretty much anything with sugar in it, I have a weakness for candy. Licorice is pretty high on my list, so these Red Vine Licorice Cupcakes from Kitchen Tested are calling my name. The cupcakes are made with Red Vine licorice, which is huge on the West Coast. I am from the East Coast and Twizzlers rule here, but I am up for the challenge on this one!  A chocolate cupcake is the foundation for this fun little treat. It’s stuffed with a licorice filling and then topped with a buttercream frosting that is flavored with raspberry and anise extract, a combination that sounds delicious to me. So the next time you are trying to decide between a cupcake and candy…have both!

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Photo by: Kitchen Tested

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