Summer time is for beach parties, picnics, and BBQs with friends. And every time we head outdoors to enjoy the summer heat, a cool drink should be in our hand. When we think of refreshing summer drinks, lemonade, iced tea, and berry spritzers top the list. Take a look at this round up for some yummy twists on those summer time favorites!


After a day of berry picking with the kids, what better way to cool off than this Spring Berry Fizzy? (via The Meaning of Pie)


Melon Lemonade will be your new must-have at picnics this summer! One sip of this sweet concoction and everyone will be asking for more. (via Pangaweka)


This refreshing drink is perfect for those of us on a clean living kick! The Summer Cantaloupe, Cucumber, & Mint Green Juice will refresh your senses after a day of working hard in the garden. (via 84th & 3rd)


Traditional Southern sweet tea is highly regarded as one of the top official drinks of summer. Whether you serve it freshly brewed and still on the warm side, or in a tall glass of ice, Southern Sweet Tea will be your favorite summer drink. (via Baked Bree)


If you need a break from your usual drinks, give this refresher a try! Ginger Lime Soda will tingle your taste buds in a happy new way! (via The Meaning of Pie)


Watermelon is one of the “tastes of summer” that we look forward to all year long! Whip up some Watermelon Soda for a delightful way to enjoy this sweet melon. (via Swapna’s Cuisine)


If you don’t need a big batch of drinks for your whole crew, then Pink Lemonade for Two is perfect for you! Two mason jars of sweet pink lemonade to sip slowly on the front porch with your special someone sounds like the perfect way to end a hot summer day. (via Dessert for Two)


This Iced Coffee is simple and perfect for any time of the day. Make up a batch and keep it in the fridge for a pick-me-up that can be customized with your favorite cream and sweeteners! (via May Squared)


Anyone who grew up watching and reading Anne of Green Gables has always wanted to try a Raspberry Cordial! Now is your chance to make a batch and invite your bosom friend over to share a glass. (via NeighborFood)


Meyer Lemonade will delight anyone who is looking for a drink with less pucker power than traditional lemonade. (via Wishful Chef)

What is your favorite summer time drink?


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