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Salty and Sweet Bacon Desserts


Who says that bacon is just for breakfast? The addition of bacon to desserts is certainly a trend that doesn’t seem to be dying down. We’ve been seeing so many creative culinary uses for bacon lately, and we can’t wait to incorporate this wonderful food into our own desserts! Here are a few of our favorites.


We’re all familiar with s’mores, but who would have thought to add bacon? These Bourbon Marshmallow Bacon S’mores look absolutely amazing.

(via How Sweet It Is)


Sticky buns are definitely a childhood favorite of many, but have you ever had them with bacon? This Bacon Sticky Bun recipe sounds like the perfect salty and sweet breakfast combination!

(via I am a Food Blog)


Everyone loves french toast, but have you tried a french toast macaron? These French Toast Macarons consist of bacon, eggy custard, and maple syrup, as well as some caramelized toast crumbs and a little chocolate. Wow!

(via Lemonpi)


If you’re a fan of ice cream and bacon, then why not combine the two. This Salted Caramel and Candied Bacon Ice Cream should do the trick!

(via Spoon Fork Bacon)


If you’re a bacon, beer, and sweets person, try your hand at this Chocolate Stout and Bacon Skillet Brownies recipe.

(via The Beeroness)

Do you have a favorite salty and sweet bacon dessert recipe you’d like to share? We’re all ears!

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