Nowadays, deciding on how to brand yourself is can be a huge struggle! There are so many aesthetic options that choosing the right direction can be totally overwhelming! Here to help us navigate the tough road of starting a blog or business is Lauren Gaige from Restored 316 Designs. We are super happy to have her clever tips and tricks on hand and hope that they’ll provide you a bit of guidance!


“Often, we leave our brand design and styling up to a designer to make it all happen.  It’s so hard when there are millions of colors, styles, fonts, etc. but there really is a way to narrow all this down to define a brand that suits you as a business owner while still hitting your target market. Plus, you always want to try to ensure that whatever you decide on is something that you will ultimately love and not be sick of in a few months.

Getting a jump start on how you want to define your branding aesthetic before you begin with a designer makes the job easier for you and the designer you’ve entrusted to bring your brand to life.  So, let’s get down and dirty and narrow these millions of options down.



The very first step in deciding on your branding is to evaluate your market. This step will help narrow down the focus of your branding and rule out some of those font and color options.

First determine who you will be servicing with your products and/or services.

  • If you’ll only be serving women, then you’ll want to choose a color scheme that is attractive to women.
  • If you’re serving the wedding industry, you might choose to go with a calligraphy or script typeface for your branding.
  • If you’re brand is primary for males, then you’ll likely want to rule out pink as an option.
  • If you’ll be serving a fun and lively blogging community, then you’ll likely want some pops of color to provide energy.

For example, I design Feminine WordPress Themes using the Genesis Framework. My target market is a female who blogs or runs a business and wants a beautiful web presence. I know that my market wants me to have a clean aesthetic, beautiful website design, and a feminine color scheme.



If you’re selling tangible or downloadable products and not just services, one of the best tips is to pin all your product images on Pinterest and then see all your products at a glace.  At the end of the day, you’ll want your new branding to look nice sitting beside your products since they will be housed in the same website.

Since I design Feminine WordPress themes, I tend to use pink in a lot of my designs, but I also try to offer a variety of colors to add some diversity in my products.  I knew that I needed to keep my color scheme to a minimum and only choose a few colors that would fit nicely with ALL of my products and not take away from them.  Always keep in mind that you want the focus on your products while still maintaining cohesiveness throughout the design.



The key to having a brand that you aren’t tired of in a months time is to make sure it fits you as a person as well as the market you’re serving. The best place to truly determine what your style is, is in your own home!  Browse your home and take pictures of some of your favorite areas and put it on a pinterest board to be able to see it all at a glace.

Go to your closet.  See what colors you wear the most!  Are you a bright shirt type of person? Or do you find that your closet is mostly neutral type colors. You’ll walk away from this step with a much clearer understanding of your own style, and this will greatly help narrow down your own business design aesthetic.



The last step is to create a (secret) Pinterest board to house all this inspiration for your new brand!  This is most likely the first thing your designer will ask for when you begin working with them, so do your part and get one step ahead to help narrow down the vision for your new brand!

Scan pinterest for house, stationery, web design, and other branding inspiration and pin what fits your style. Once you’ve gone through this once, go back and delete anything that doesn’t quite fit as a whole with the other pins you have.  You’ll narrow this down until you have a pinterest board that is very cohesive and screams YOU and you’re new business venture!!”


Blog Photography and Styling for Best Friends for Frosting by: Shay Cochrane

Other Photography by: Michele Anderson


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