Social media has become such a huge platform in business, but it’s not as easy to gain a strong following as you may think! We are so thrilled to have Elizabeth Dehn of Beauty Bets on BFFF to share her tips on becoming a Pinterest superstar. The highly addictive (and seriously amazing) social media site can be incredibly successful when it comes to bringing traffic to your own site. Elizabeth definitely knows a thing or two about this! Between the recipes, outfits, and DIY crafts, there are a great amount of people on the site, you just have to know how to attract them to your own Pinterest page! Read on below for her top five pinning categories:

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“I remember the day like it was just yesterday. I went to bed with 427 followers and woke up with 16,000. The number continued to rise at rapid speed until it reached 5.6M. I still can’t say exactly how it happened, but back then Pinterest was actively promoting pinners and boards it liked, and I got lucky. Or did I? As a magazine editor and beauty blogger I’ve learned the art of curating content that resonates and tells a story. I like pretty things, interesting things, and things that everyone is talking about- and I pin accordingly. Since joining Pinterest, I’ve learned a few nuances about this addictive, viral social media outlet. While I wouldn’t go so far as to say there’s an art to pinning like there is to say, writing a blog or taking photos, there are a few pin categories that are guaranteed to garner repins. In these cases, lots and lots of repins. Whether you’re just getting started or a seasoned pinner, I hope you’ll find these winning examples as useful and pinteresting as I do. Happy pinning!

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  1. Baby animals. They’re the highest performing topic on YouTube and for good reason: Who doesn’t love a baby animal?! These cuties defy all socioeconomic bounds and are something you can feel good about sharing.
    EX: Frenchie in a Boot // 234 repins
    Frenchie in a Boot
  2. Outfits, outfits, outfits. I don’t have a statistic to support this, but I’m pretty sure outfits get repinned more than any other category. That said, not all outfits are created equal. To perform best, they need to be high quality, on-trend or utterly dramatic, like an Oscar de La Renta gown, and ideally on a beautiful human being. Just saying.
    EX: Preppy Layers // 1767 repins
    Preppy Layers
  3. Healthy Recipes. Food is universal and Pinterest has become a virtual recipe box. Surprisingly, vegetarian, gluten-free and smoothie recipes get lots of love if they look appetizing, colorful and doable.
    EX: Thai Vegetable Salad with Peanut Dressing // 440 repins
    Thai Vegetable Salad
  4. Beauty Tutorials. Take the guesswork out of a fishtail braid, brow grooming or the perfect messy bun and you’ll make yourself fans for life. Even if followers don’t actually try their hand at a how-to, it’s the thought that they could seal the deal.
    EX: Dewy Skin Foundation // 2258 repins
    Dewy Skin Foundation
  5. Quotable Quotes. They’re motivating, uplifting, inspiring- and a surefire way to make friends on Pinterest. Throw in a photo backdrop, celebrity or handwritten font and you’re golden.
    EX: Start by Starting // 634 repins
    Start by Starting

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Photography by: Eliesa Johnson

Pinterest: Beauty Bets

Frenchie in a Boot: This Is Glamorous

Preppy Layers: Stylecaster

Thai Vegetable Salad: Feasting at Home

Dewy Skin Foundation: Beauty Bets

Start by Starting: Thyme is Honey

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