We especially love side dishes that highlight seasonal produce and complement beautiful main dishes. Using fresh, beautiful ingredients is so important when creating a beautiful meal! So we’ve gathered a few of our favorite sensational side dishes for you to enjoy as the season changes. Serve them for Thanksgiving, or any other dinner party!

This Tomato Basil Salad with White Beans & Bocconcini would absolutely be a caprese lover’s dream. (via sweetsugarbean)


Basil, one of the most popular herbs for cooking with, is successfully paired with fruit in this Peaches with Apples, Grapes, Lime and Basil side. (via Eat Well 101)


Perfectly ripe strawberries are good eaten out of your hand, but even better covered in chocolate or mixed into a Crunchy Romaine Strawberry Salad. (via sumo’s sweet stuff)


When you can’t afford a genuine Hawaiian luau but you’ll DIY one anyway, make sure not to forget the Grilled Tropical Summer Salad. (via Better Recipes)

Orzo Salad

Beat the heat with Orzo Salad with Chickpeas, Cucumbers, Lemon, Dill, & Feta. (via Two Peas and their Pod)


Anything on a stick increases the the fun. Enjoying Caprese Skewers is a guaranteed blast. (via The Curvy Carrot)


Peaches and beets make quite the pair in a Peach and Roasted Vegetable Salad. (via love & olive oil)


This Grill Roasted Corn Salad is also full of string beans, grape tomatoes, pecans, and goat cheese. (via The Healthy Foodie)


Grilled Pound Cake with Blueberries is a side with sweet appeal. A dollop of yogurt and a garnish makes for an appetizing plate. (via bellalimento)


Simple Garlic Lemon Green Beans are a terrific french fry replacement. (via she wears many hats)


Can’t you just taste the delicate sweetness of Arugula Salad with Mango, Macadamia Nuts, and Avocado already? There’s agave in the dressing. (via


So many varieties of apples, so little time! Why not decide on Spinach-Apple Salad with Maple-Cider Vinaigrette. The curried pecans add a delicious kick. (via Southern Living)


Crunchy Walnut Coleslaw has the magic words: raw, vegan and gluten- free.  The dish is also great on a plate next to mashed potatoes. (via 86 Lemons)


Slather on the butter and sprinkle on some lime zest and chili flakes. Lime and Chili Grilled Corn on the Cob is a winning spin on corn on the cob. (via At Down Under)


Grilled Sweet Potatoes with Ginger Cherry Salsa lets us channel your summer into our side dish. (via The First Mess)


A rainbow of taste and color, Asian Quinoa Salad is adorned with carrots, red peppers, red cabbage, and edamame. The magic is in the dressing, an extravagant blend of Asian sauces, spices, and cilantro. (via Two Peas and their Pod)

How would you pair these sensational sides?

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