Kids can inspire the most wonderful of ideas, especially when it comes to food! Many childhood memories begin with the creation of a meal or baking in the kitchen with grandma, and that is exactly what Foodstirs, a company owned by Sarah Michelle Gellar, Galit Laibow, and Gia Russo celebrates. Foodstirs provides recipes, ideas, and mixes for baking in the kitchen with your kids, all including high quality ingredients. We had the opportunity to talk with gals behind Foodstirs about the motivation behind the company and where they’re taking it next!

1. What is the story behind Foodstirs?

The initial inspiration for Foodstirs were our children but it has since expanded so far beyond that. We knew the benefits of creating memorable experiences in the kitchen and baking seems like the most appealing way to encourage that activity. When we started researching we were shocked at the ingredients in traditional baking mixes, it seemed that either they tasted great but were made with ingredients the modern consumer wouldn’t want to eat, or they had the better ingredients but the taste wasn’t very good. We want to provide a better tasting, higher quality product that is easy to make and in the age of Pinterest, beautiful as well.

2. How did you come up with a variety of recipes for each Foodstirs kit?

The kits are a long process. The longest part is always creating the base mixes. We want to source the best quality ingredients and the tastiest recipes. Then we look at each month and the holidays that fall during that time then the kit ideas are the easy part. The hardest part is the narrowing down all of our ideas.

3. We loved how you incorporated your kids as part of the mission for Foodstirs, can you tell us some of your favorite memories as a child baking in your kitchen?

No matter who you speak with, childhood memories often begin with a meal, or time in the kitchen. In this busy society it is truly when you can unplug and connect.


4. What are some of your favorite recipes from your business Foodstirs?

We all differ, Galit loves the brownies, Gia loves the cake and I love a new secret one (coming soon)

5. What kind of ingredients are in these baking recipes, which make them a healthier compared to other baked goods?

All of our products are organic whenever possible, non GMO, dye free, preservative free and made with the best and most simple ingredients we can find. Our mixes are also vegan and kosher.

6. How have you gotten the word out about this adorable business for families

The most authentic way we have found is all our amazing customers. When the post all their amazing pictures and experiences we really find its inspiring others to try and create their own memorable experiences.

7. Does Foodstirs plan on branching out into other areas? (i.e brick and mortar retail store, other recipes, more merchandise, etc.)

Coming soon……………..


8. What can customers expect when they receive their first kit?

The first response we usually here during “unboxing” is the surprise and delight at how much actually comes in one box. The second most common thing we hear is how easy it was to make the project. The kitchen can be an intimidating place and we are trying to take that stigma away.

9.  Who or what has been the biggest motivation for this business?

Our kids are definitely our biggest motivators. It’s been so incredible to show them that we have been able to take what was once an idea and a dream and turn it into a successful business.

10.  How would each of you describe your role in this business?

Seeing as we are technically still a startup…. we do it all. Sarah Michelle (that’s me) is even the one who usually takes the lunch orders and picks them up. It’s definitely and all hands on deck company.


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