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To us, there’s nothing better than sending a thoughtful gift. We’re all about sending gratitude, spending time to deliver hand-written thank you notes, and picking out that perfect gift for your friends or loved ones. That why we’re so obsessed with Sugarwish right now! Sugarwish is the perfect gift to send someone, allowing them to pick out their favorite candies, which then get delivered straight to their door in an adorable box. Talk about a sweet surprise! Today, we’re getting all the deets on Sugarwish and the gals behind it. Read on to find out more!
1. How did you come up with the name Sugarwish?
We came up with dozens (and dozens) of ideas in the beginning. When we finally hit on the name “Sugarwish,” we felt like it captured our concept perfectly. It was definitely an “Ah-ha…That’s it!” moment.
2. What are some of some of your most popular sweets?
Swedish fish, sour patch watermelon, chocolate covered almonds, caramel bulls eyes, and rainbow sour belts are always near the top of the favorites list.
3. How would you describe the mission for SugarWish?
Our tag line is pretty much our mission and our mantra.  Delivering happiness (through sweets and kind sentiments) is what we do. Our whole goal was to create a fun and super easy gift that delivers a little happy to people—and it’s working.
4.  What types of promotions do you do throughout the year?
We don’t have standard or set promotions …but we usually choose a few funs ones to do each year. Last year we created a “Sending Good Juju” eCard and then we sent anyone who used it (to send a Sugarwish gift) a big bag of Juju Bees in an adorable Sugarwish box. It was a huge hit—and was responsible for a whole lot of sweet happiness being delivered that week.
5. Do both of you have a sweet tooth? And if so, what is it?
We do! We love pretty much anything sweet—but candy tops it all (no surprise!). If left on a deserted island… and we could only pick one candy each for all eternity? Elisabeth: Tootsie rolls and Leslie: Bit-o-Honey.
6. This business is such a cute concept! What has been some of your favorite moments as it continued to grow?
Favorite moments included:
1) The first day we launched our website (after years spent plotting and planning, and months spent working on development and design).
2) When our HUGE order of blue Sugarwish boxes arrived—tangible evidence that we were indeed “in business”
3) Being 4 months “young” and featured on the Today Show as a top Valentine’s gift. Yikes—dream to reality.
7. What is the inspiration for SugarWish?
The inspiration came from our desire to create a fun and thoughtful gift …along with our mutual love of all things candy! The sensation of being able to puruse the isle of your favorite candy store to pick exactly what you want, blossomed into this perfect idea for an online gift. We bring the candy store to the recipient (virtually) and give them that same interactive experience from home! Nothing beats hitting the candy store in your p.j.s… from you laptop.
8. What marketing tools have been the most beneficial for your business?
Email marketing (just enough to keep people in the loop)… and social media are really the only marketing we do.  Instagram is our favorite since we love creating fun pictures that add some “happy” to the feed.
9. What can we expect from Sugarwish for years to come?
We are on a pretty steep trajectory right now—with lots of plans in the works.  We haven’t settled on all the details yet but we will be adding new lines (outside of candy) and expanding our corporate platform to keep up with the enormous demand.
10. What does success for this company look like?
Success, for us, is simple. Being proud of what we are delivering to our customers and loving what we do are what matters to us. Growing and expanding (and taking over the global gifting market) are some of our business goals. But we measure success in a much more subtle way– using customers (and our own personal) satisfaction as the yardstick to judge it. So far… so good.
Photography: Sara Ford

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