How gorgeous is this DIY silver diamond pinata by Kim and Chloe of PopCosmo? This tutorial takes some time and effort, but it’s so worth it to work on every aspect from the shape to the shiny decorative fringe! This would be a great project to create with friends, and you can choose whether to fill it with candy or use it as decor. Here’s what Kim and Chloe have to say:

“This is a super fun project, but because of the size, we suggest doing it with a partner! Grab a glass of wine for you and your friend (or in our case, wine and a Shirley Temple), turn on a movie, and settle in to create a party-stopping piñata or a spectacular centerpiece!”




–5 pieces of foam core

–White duct tape

–Clear scotch tape

–Ruler, tape measure or yard stick* (*recommended)


–15 silver mylar sheets

–A strong piece of string


TO CREATE THE SHAPE:diamond-pinata-materialsdiamond-pinata-dimensions

1. Measure & cut 9 shapes on foam core:

• 1 square 15” x 15” (on 1 piece of foam core) with a 4”x4” section cut out of the square to be the “candy hole.” If for decoration purposes only, skip the candy hole. Also add a hole in the middle of the square so you can add a string to hang your piñata.
• 4 trapezoids top 15”top x 5-½” sides x 20” bottom (on 2 pieces of foam core)
• 4 isosceles triangles 20” x 18” x 18” (on 2 pieces of foam core). To make the triangles, draw a lines from the top right corner of a piece of foam core to the bottom left corner of a piece of foam core. Then draw a line from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. Cut along the lines.

2. To assemble the shape, lay the 15” x 15” square down on the floor.

3. Attach (using a small piece of duct tape) the short side of trapezoid to each side of the square.

4. Attach (using a small piece of duct tape) the 20” side of triangle to the 20” side of trapezoid.

5. Poke a hole through the center of the square shape thread a strong string through center hold and tape and knot.

6. Fold pieces together to create a diamond shape and loosely tape at the bottom where the points of the triangle connect.

7. Have your partner hold the diamond by the string and proceed to tape all seams.


This step can be frustrating when you feel like you are almost done, but hang in there. It proceeds quickly once you start taping. (Note to self: create a company that packages and sells pre-made fringe!)

1. Take your 15 mylar pieces and carefully cut 2” strips lengthwise.
2. Take each section and fold in ½, then ½ again. Cut a fringe leaving ½ -3/4” at the top and set aside until you have cut all pieces.
3. Apply pieces of fringe to the bottom of the diamond (at the point) with tape and work your way up doing the top last. You don’t have to tape the entire length of the fringe, just parts of it to keep it secure. (Note: for best results, try to trim close to the edges and corners so that the seams are crisp and the diamond shape is visible.)

4. Add candy and cover the hole. Or leave the hole open or closed and use for decoration purposes.

Sit back and enjoy… or bash!



  1. This is so cool! I am making for my 30th birthday party. I was wondering if you had any thoughts on how I could make it bigger… Do you think I could just add 2 inches to each side and it would fit properly?

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