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When it comes to hosting a party, there’s nothing like creating a focal display. One trend that we love right now is a well stocked bar cart. Not only does it look great in any space, but it certainly offers a great amount of function too! We partnered with the folks over at Electrolux to share tips on styling your very own bar cart and how to keep it chic and tidy with their latest line of dishwashers. We absolutely love the easy clean up that comes with it!


1). When it comes to stocking your bar cart, don’t get overwhelmed with all the “bar stuff.” Be sure to offer refreshments for sure, but don’t be afraid to supply it with a sweet treat, dishware, and even cute linen for good measure.


3). Keep it look festive with an assortment of fresh elements – delicate flowers, vibrant plants, fresh fruit, and happy garnishes of course. Guests will love to hover over a well dressed cart to simply mix a drink and mingle with friends.

4.) Keep one shelf of your bar cart available to stack dishes and linens. This will help keep your bar cart and overall party space clean and tidy during the party, and from there – clean up will be a cinch.


5) Once the party gets a little messy – don’t stress. Simply stack messy dishware away from your stylish bar cart in one central location. From there, loading up your Electrolux washer will be easy.


6) Because the Electrolux Stainless Steel Dishwasher with IQ-Touch™ Controls (EI24ID50QS) was designed to make loading dishware a cinch, simply steal a minute or two and get the job the done. Because it’s so easy to load and start, you can simply tidy as you go and restock your bar cart if needed.

7) What we love most about the Electrolux Stainless Steel Dishwasher with IQ-Touch™ Controls (EI24ID50QS) is how simple it is to load, and how quietly it runs. This means we can load up the washer to do the messy part and get back to having a good time with friends. Plus, with it only taking 30 minutes to run a full cycle, we can squeeze in easy clean up throughout the party, without stressing about the mess later!


Let’s face it – celebrations are awesome, but then there’s clean up that comes along with it. One sure way to tackle any bar cart and party mess is with your favorite dishwasher. With this appliance, you’ll be back to having beautiful dishes and a properly stocked bar cart in no time.


The new Electrolux dishwasher provides a professional level clean with its 30-minute wash and dry cycle. As the highest rated dishwasher on, it also features SatelliteSpray Arm technology which provides 400% more water coverage than a traditional dishwasher. Visit for more information on this and other stylish and functional options available from Electrolux.


Styling : Denell Pepin + Photography for Best Friends For Frosting by Megan Belanger

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