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Kyle, the creative baker, designer, and blogger behind The Girl Kyle, recently shared her best quick recipes for all those twenty- or thirty-somethings out there who are way too busy (isn’t that all of us?). Today she’s back to dish even more about the life-saving meal options she’s gotten at Safeway recently. She and her husband, who are dictionary definitions of “on the go,” still get to make dinner at home together, just without the time-draining hassle. Safeway’s club card promotional period is still going on, so you can grab those quick-prep dinners and take some stress off your mind this week! Here’s what Kyle has to say:

Whenever the California State Assembly is in session, my work schedule can get hectic. This week the legislature is working overtime to move bills out of each house. I won't get into too much detail, but let's just say that being a legislative employee can occasionally kill any hopes of a home cooked meal at a reasonable hour.

Thankfully Mr. Goddard works in politics as well, so we always figure out a way to work out life's mundane challenges… like eating before 11 pm while avoiding that drive-thru. Again, I cannot express the importance of quick and easy meals have in our crazy, hectic lives. The endless options of quick prep meals at Safeway provide an enormous relief from the stresses of cooking on the fly and balancing our social lives.With this week's legislative session being especially long and brutal, I returned again to the frozen section of my favorite Safeway. I’m not the only one who has a fave grocery store, right? On this trip, Italian Bertolli Meals for 2 was screaming my name. Bertolli's Chicken alla Vodka & Farfalle was an easy choice for me because includes asparagus, which is one of my favorite vegetables!  We had already enjoyed Mr. G’s favorite PF Changs Meals for 2 so I knew turning to another club card sale favorite would definitely keep us both happy. Plus I couldn't pass up a free salad by using our club card with purchase!

In fact we’ll probably be eating super saver salad or Marie Callender’s Bakes for the entire promotional period of 5/21 to 6/10…I know the mister would want me to be counting our pennies and saving our monies for bigger things. Can you blame me for passing up such an amazing deal? It can’t be beat.

Meal prep is always a couple's affair in our house, and Mr. G immediately went to work prepping the Fresh Express Salad. We used a low fat Italian dressing mix to keep in theme with our Italian night.  I cut open the Bertolli bag, threw the contents in our skillet, covered it, and walked away. No prep and so easy makes for a happy wife!

Nine minutes later we were ready to feast. Yum! Setting the table isn't a nightly affair for this on-the-go couple, so we dished ourselves up a little pasta and salad and crashed on the couch so we could eat and recap our work days.

These days I feel like there is never enough time, and I can't express how exciting it is whenever we can experience restaurant quality food without leaving our house or getting stuck with a high price tag. Pajamas and a meal for two make this newly married couple very, very, very happy.


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