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There’s nothing quite like that first sip from a chilled drink on a warm day! It’s sweet, refreshing, and best of all, not at all time-consuming to make. This orange sparkling drink by Raquel of Horses and Heels is a serious crowd-pleaser, ideal for serving at a party or gathering. However, it’s such a snap to make that you’ll find yourself making pitchers just because you can! Here’s what Raquel has to say:

“The weather is warming up and I’m planning spring and summer brunches in my head while thinking about Easter. Sparkling orange drinks are perfect to serve your guests; they require just a few ingredients and deliver a big impact. This fizzy drink is kid and adult friendly. Garnishing is definitely a requirement and striped straws are an added bonus! Presentation is just as important as taste here, so serve these pretty drinks to your friends and enjoy.”




(makes 4 drinks)

—1 quart of sparkling water (32 ounces), plus additional sparkling water

—4 oranges, freshly squeezed with pulp strained (yields about 1 cup of juice)

—3 tbsp lime juice

—6 large mint leaves

—Sliced oranges and limes, for garnish



1. Add orange juice, lime, and mint leaves to a pitcher.

2. Top juices with the quart of sparkling water and chill for 30 minutes before serving. Do not use ice cubes. It will dilute the drink.

3. Pour into glasses and garnish with a slice of orange and lime.

4. Top with a few splashes of additional sparkling water to give the drinks a nice fizz for your guests.


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