Nothing says “spring” like flowers, but it’s too easy to just pick a few from the ground and stick them in a vase. Why not challenge your florist skills and follow this gorgeous succulent flower arrangement tutorial by our contributor Krista of Sugar Love Chic? A dense ring of bright flowers really makes the succulent the star of the show! Here’s what Krista has to say:

The start of spring means the beginning of taking our floral decor up a notch. While colorful and bright flower arrangements are traditionally beautiful and seasonally appropriate, a spring succulent arrangement is a fun alternative! P.S. Did you know the name of this type of short stemmed and round flower arrangement is a ‘mound?’ Makes perfect sense!”




—A dozen Gerbera Daisies

—A bundle of wax flowers

—A small, round succulent of choice

—Simple ceramic vase

—Long (30cm) lollipop sticks

—3 twigs, painted gold



1. Begin by figuring out the right length for the Gerbera Daisies based on the height of the vase. With this rounder style of an arrangement, keep the length of the daisies just above the rim of the vase. Ensure every daisy is even by using one daisy as the ruler and cutting the same length off of the rest.


2. Place all of the daisies in the jar and add the three gold twigs. Arrange the flowers so that there are no gaps and each daisy is facing a slightly different way. As for the twigs, bundle them and tilt them all in the same direction.


3. Time for the guest of honor: the succulent! Be sure to have watered your succulent no more than a day prior to this. The succulent needs to be hydrated so that it doesn’t need water in it’s temporary, flowery home. (That’s right, once the flowers wither, put your succulent right back in its pot!) To insert the little cutie, poke a lollipop stick through it. Find the proper height and cut the stick accordingly.


Voila! A darling arrangement that is anything but ordinary!

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