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Changing career paths isn’t always easy. From working at an architecture firm to starting her own full-time blog with cute kiddos at home, Amy W of Delineate Your Dwelling knows a thing or two about staying busy and successful. Amy makes balancing her personal life and her businesses look graceful as she continues to grow her brand. We are seriously inspired by this talented woman and know you will be, too! Check out what Amy has to say below:

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1. We just love the delightful & cheery vibes we get from your blog, Delineate Your Dwelling!  Tell us, what pushed you to start blogging?  Where did the name, Delineate Your Dwelling come from?

After working for eight years at a landscape architecture firm, I decided to stay at home with my two very young children but still was craving a creative outlet.  I first started an Etsy shop, Delineate paper, where I sell graphic prints.  Over time, I realized I wanted to share the creative process with people rather than just give them a product.  I believe everyone can be creative and I love trying to inspire them to give it a try with easy fun tutorials.

My blog’s name, Delineate Your Dwelling is a reference from my from days as a landscape architect and a hint at my current passions.  I was always drawing and designing plans for parks and city plazas, hence Delineate (to draw, write out).  My current passions seem to revolve around creating a space in your home that is your own, hence Your Dwelling.

2. Where do you derive inspiration from when coming up with contect for your blog?

Often my blog posts come about because of a need in my home.  We just moved into a rental home while my husband pursues his PHD so I have a blank canvas to cover, rooms to organize and fun DIYS in mind to make this new place our home. I like to think of my style as Natural meets Modern with soft pops of color.

3. We absolutely love your belief that anyone can be creative!  What is some advice you would give to someone who is interested in DIY but does not consider themselves to be a crafty person?

I think many non-creative people are overwhelmed by Pinterest.  They have 8,000 pins floating around and don’t even know where to start, giving up before they even try.  I like to encourage simple projects with simple materials.  Even simple crafts can turn into things of beauty! Once you feel confident in accomplishing that, you can move on to more advanced crafts.

4. As a busy mom of two, how do you find time to dedicate to growing your blog?

I think it’s important  no matter what stage of life you are in to find time to do things you enjoy.  I am a better mom because of my blog.  I adore my children and I love being home with them.  Having a blog is like bringing the best of my two worlds together.  We do lots of creating together.  I normally have them crafting away right outside of the camera lens.   However, most of my evening hours are dedicated to editing pictures, writing blog posts, tweaking my site, connecting with other creatives and staying up to speed on social media.

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5. What are some things that blogging has taught you?

Blogging has taught me so many things.  I was in a creative field before blogging, but now I have the freedom to do what inspires me, on my timeline.  I think it has  given me a stronger creative voice.

On the technical side, I’ve learned how to manage my time to the fullest, become a much better photographer and  have learned all the behind the scenes “stuff” that goes on. All to simply keep a website functioning. I love it all.

6. On top of all the fabulous DIY projects featured on your blog, you also have tons of yummy recipes!  What do you identify with more, cooking or crafting?

I definitely enjoy cooking.  My husband and I are huge foodies, and really enjoy the process of making and eating delicious meals when time allows.  However, give me some gold scissors, acrylic paint and and a hot glue gun and my heart bursts with joy.  I’m a crafter at the core.

7. Your home is absolutely stunning (we are so in love with your kitchen)!  What was one of the first DIY projects you took on?

Our kitchen was actually our first DIY project.  We did it all from top to bottom and in a very short time frame, as I was about 6 months pregnant when we started!

8. What are some of your absolute favorite projects you have worked on?

I narrowed it down to three of my favorites.

The first one was so simple but I just love it.  I was updating our Guest Room + Office space and was inspired by a gorgeous geometric pendant lamp from Anthropologie.  I was able to create my Pendant Light for $388 LESS than they were selling their’s for.

My second favorite project was Embroidering a Cacti on a small wooden box.  I love the colors and am a huge cacti and succulent fan.  I have it sitting on desk holding chalk in my craft nook.

The third favorite project is full of gold shimmer, my Glitter Watch!  I took an inexpensive watch and decoupaged glitter on it.  I love wearing it out for a girl’s night and always get so many complements on it.

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9. Congratulations on being chosen as one of Martha Stewart’s 12 Months of Martha bloggers this past year!  Tell us a little bit about your experience participating in this project?

It has been such an honor to work with Martha’s creative team during this year’s 12 Months of Martha.  Each month we are given a box of Martha Stewart’s craft products and challenged to create something using them.  I think a good design challenge brings out some of my most creative work, so this has really been a dream come true for me.

10. How important would you say the use of social media is to help a new blog grow a readership?  How has it helped you?  What’s your favorite platform? 

I think creating, writing a blog post, and pushing post are just the first steps to a really good project.  The real work begins for me, the morning my blog post goes live.  Most people do not log onto your site each day to see what you have been busy working on, so social media is my opportunity to share and promote what I’m doing and why everyone should be giving it a try, too!

Hands down, Instagram has become my favorite platform.  I love being able to see someone’s creative story in a quick glance at their feed.  True creativity inspires and energizes me.  I also love how easy it is to connect with someone big or small on Instagram.  It just feels more personal to me than any other social media out there!

Photography for Best Friends For Frosting by: Amy W, Delineate Your Dwelling

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