When it comes to gorgeous home design inspiration, we’re all about seeking out new ideas. We absolutely love when designers contrast different styles but bring a whole room back to the middle, finding balance along the way. That’s exactly what Sara Thieke, co-director of  My Bespoke Room, did after purchasing her new home! Today, we’re thrilled to have creative co-director of The Bespoke Room, Erica Sanchez, sharing a few shots from her business partner’s home. We love it!


When Sara first purchased her home, she set out to transform the once “builder beige” house into a bright and inviting place. Sara’s home perfectly illustrates her ability to mix high and low pieces, and contrast styles without compromising a cohesion. It’s a marriage of old and new, classic and contemporary, big box retail pieces and vintage finds.

DSC_6193 DSC_6062-2 DSC_6056 DSC_6057 DSC_6038

Photography by: Sam Melton // @lonesomepinemercantile



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