Summer Pool Float Party!

This post is sponsored by Edwards® Desserts. All opinions are our own.

A couple weeks back, we hosted the ultimate girl’s afternoon at Ally’s pool and literally made ourselves at home – pool floats, dessert, and all!!! We’re talking the whole 9 yards!

Believe it or not, I’ve never ridden a blow up swan! Crazy, right?! I’ve seen these in SO many blogger’s photoshoots, and each time I would swear I was going to do it, but put it on the back burner. When we decided to host our bash at the pool, it was a “must” to gather some pool floats and make an afternoon out of it! ;)


Let me be the FIRST to tell you that these are a blast to ride but SO hard to get on to. I had to have the girls hold it straight while I jumped on. I thought for sure I was going to fall off and tank into the pool, but I didn’t! ;)

For dessert, it was an EASY choice! Edwards Desserts all the way! This time, we bought their Lemon Meringue Pie, and it was, hands down, one of the best I’ve ever had! As a total dessert enthusiast, I am always honest with you guys! I am all about high-quality desserts that taste like they’re from an upscale patisserie. I used to work in several bakeries with plans to open my own many years ago, so you’re talking to an expert over here. ;) I will easily pay the extra $30-$50 for a cake from an amazing bakery or be that girl spending hours baking in the kitchen to perfect a recipe. When my dad introduced me to Edwards Desserts months ago, I was obsessed with the high quality. I cannot believe you can get these from the grocery store. I have bought one of their desserts for nearly every gathering I’ve gone to this summer – they’re that good! I told our Business Development Director that if I could be the face of their brand, I totally would. I swear by the bakery quality of these desserts that you can get in the frozen aisle of the grocery store! I am obsessed!

For those who have never tried Edwards Desserts before, here is the run down! The desserts are filled with velvety layers, crushed cookie crust, and are literally as easy as one-two-thaw. No need to scour Pinterest and spend hours making a dessert for your next bash when you can run to the grocery store and grab an Edwards Dessert.  I’ve tried every flavor and I love them all – the key lime pie is my #1 favorite!

As I know so many of you are planning to host your own bashes outdoors, I put together a quick, basic checklist for summer entertaining!

Quick & Easy Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Bash

  • Create a Playlist – Create a playlist to really set the mood!
  • Decor – Plates, napkins, and decor really sets the tone! You can find the cutest napkins and plates online or at a cute store around town.
  • Plan your menu – Plan easy-to-hold food items that don’t make a mess! BBQ food champions the summer menu for a reason! ;)
  • Dessert is a must – Bring a decadent dessert that will be memorable! Edwards Lemon Meringue Pie was PERFECT for our bash.
  • Drinks – Have an ice chest accessible for guest to grab cold drinks.
  • Have the essentials ready – Sunscreen and towels are a must! Be prepared for the unprepared! Have extra of both on hand in case your guests forget.

I hope you’re all having an amazing summer filled with fun! =) Sending you all bear hugs and pool floats from Sunny Sacramento, California!





Photography for Best Friends For Frosting by Nicole Quiroz (image 5) and all others by Jenn Bartell




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