Confession time!!!!! I’ve been really bad lately about biting my nails this past month. It was what got me through the holidays! ;) Those darn self-soothing habits. Ugh, I Know!!!! I almost didn’t want to do this shoot because of it, but my goal for this year is to keep it real with you guys. Not everything is going to be perfect 110%, and it feels better keeping it honest and real in this little corner of the internet. :) SO enough about my “nails” (insert favorite emoticon here, LOL)!


As a designer, I often face the frustration of not being able to find the things in the store that I visualize in my head. The struggle is real! If I find something, normally it’s either not the right color, or style, or feeling. Designer friends, you get it, right?! ;)


SO this hot pink gravel gives this project a fun pop of pink! I have used it on so many projects this past year. As an alternative, light pink could be really fun to use too! SO just imagine – these could be perfect to dress up a beauty salon or your bedroom or even top the table at a party! ┬áThe sky is the limit.


And of course, if you make this project- please keep me looped in by using #SOBestFriendsForFrosting hashtag. It brightens my day so much to see your projects in my feed. Sometimes being on the internet can be isolating, and this hashtag is one of my favorite vessels to keep in touch with you! Love you guys!

How To Make A Super Chic DIY Eyelash Planter


– Clay pot

– White spray paint

– Pink rocks

– Black sharpie pen

– Succulent plant

  1. Spray paint your clay pot white.
  2. Once dry, use your sharpie pen to draw thick eyelashes on the pot.
  3. Plant the succulent pot inside.
  4. Add the pink rocks!

Photography for Best Friends For Frosting by Andy Johnson

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