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Swan Ornament

I couldn’t resist adding a DIY swan ornament to my tree. They’re sooooo easy to make. A little clay, feathers, and paint goes a looooong way! I’m sharing just how easy these swan ornaments are to make over on Better Homes and Gardens.

Making Christmas ornaments each year is easily one of my favorite DIYs. It’s such a fun way to incorporate different parts of your personality into your tree! While I am a fan of perfectly polished, color-coded trees, there’s something so special about fun and unique hodgepodge trees, too! My family tree growing up was filled with ornaments either made at school or accumulated over the years, and they gave us so many warm, lasting memories. I love when I can look back on something and remember the smallest details that go with it! Short-term DIYs are a blast, but it’s so nice to be able to keep and reuse this craft for years to come.






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