Thanksgiving Tablescape

How are we ALREADY 4 days away from Thanksgiving?! I have been on Pinterest looking up every idea under the sun, and I just can’t wait! This year, my mom promoted me to co-host for Thanksgiving, and I’m so excited to tackle it with her. We’re going to prep as much as possible the day before, and then make the essentials the day of. As I have been pinning all my favorite trends away on Pinterest, I am SO excited to bring this festive Thanksgiving Tablescape to you guys from my friend and contributor, Lauren of Going for Grace. If y’all aren’t already following her on Instagram, she is a MUST follow. ;) Here’s what Lauren has to say:

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I can’t help but to be giddy with excitement! Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. Food, family, thankful hearts…I mean, what could be better?! I am thrilled to be back here sharing a little entertaining inspiration with you today. Whether you are hosting the whole family or throwing an epic Friendsgiving, this DIY is sure to steal the show!

When it comes to centerpieces, the choices are endless! One thing I learned several years ago while planning our own wedding was not to choose a centerpiece that will block the view and hinder conversation from one side of the table to the other. While a large floral arrangement is beautiful, I’m afraid it makes for awkward dinner conversations. So this Thanksgiving, I opted for garland.

For this tablescape, I wanted to create a lush seasonal garland that incorporated plenty of fall elements. When I first decided that I wanted a garland table runner, I was a bit nervous as to how difficult it would be to create. But let me tell you friends…it was a breeze! With a few tricks, I was able to create a gorgeous garland runner in under 15 minutes!

Trick #1: Faux garland! It’s true! The majority of that lush greenery you see photographed is faux. Crazy, right?! After some trial and error, I discovered that faux was the way to go in order to get that lush, thick look that I wanted. The trick is to layer two pieces of garland, one on top of the other! Not only is it gorgeous, but it will also last.


Trick #2:

Make it pop! The trick to making this garland runner really stand out is to add sprigs of real greenery throughout. The depth that this creates is just magical, and it makes the garland look real! I chose to use 2 different types of greenery with my faux garland, and I just love the way it turned out!


thanksgiving tablescpe

Trick #3:

Accents! Now comes the fun part. I chose to accent the greenery with some natural pieces that always remind me of Thanksgiving. I used cranberries, pomegranates, figs, and mini pine cones. Can you imagine all of the possibilities?!
Are you ready to create your own Thanksgiving Garland?
2 six-foot garlands in greenery of your choice (I used faux Boxwood)

2 bunches real greenery

1 bunch gold eucalyptus


Mini pine cones

3 Pomegranates

1 box figs


1. Place both pieces of 6-foot garland down the center of your table. By placing one on top of the other, you will be able to get a lush look for your base.

2. Once you have your faux garland in place, begin taking sprigs of the real greenery you chose and place them throughout the garland. I love that by using three different types of greenery (the garland and both bunches), it creates such depth.

3. Once you have the greenery in place, begin placing the pomegranates and figs. Be sure to space them out evenly throughout the centerpiece. Now, do the same with the cranberries and mini pine cones.

4. For the final touch, place your small sprigs of gold eucalyptus evenly throughout the garland. I like saving this piece for last so you can see which areas need a little filler.

Now, step back, take it all in, and get ready for a great meal!

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