The Cupcake Crusaders’ Top 5 Places for Cupcakes


The Cupcake Crusaders, Stacy, Jenn, and Elisa, are three friends with one very sweet obsession. They share a great love for cupcakes and spend their free time in search of the next success (or disaster) when trying homemade or store-bought cupcakes. Today, these fabulous ladies share with us their top five favorite places for a cupcake.

1. Kupcakes & Co. – Elkridge, Md.
Kupcakes & Co. always has fresh cupcakes with light, fluffy, moist cake and a large rotating menu of cupcakes, so there’s something for everyone. The team there is friendly, always offering great service, helpful suggestions, and a smile.
The Cupcake Crusaders’ review of Kupcakes & Co.

2. Cupcakes! CupcakeryVienna, Va.
We’ve only had a couple of cupcakes from this location, but the flavors and textures were amazing, so they quickly made the top of our list. We highly recommend the strawberry cupcake!
The Cupcake Crusaders’ review of Cupcakes! Cupcakery

3. Sassy Cakes – Naples, Fla.
Sassy Cakes is similar to Kupcakes & Co., so it makes sense that it became a favorite. They bake fresh daily, donate leftover cupcakes to a local food shelter, have great service and a cute shop, with a small dine-in sitting area.
The Cupcake Crusaders’ review of Sassy Cakes

4. Baked by MelissaNew York City
Baked By Melissa offers single bite cupcakes. While most may not understand who would want a cupcake so small, their little treats pack a lot of flavor with perfectly balanced combinations.
The Cupcake Crusaders’ review of Baked by Melissa

5. Sublime CupcakesWyomissing, Pa.
Just as the name suggests, the cupcakes are sublime! Featuring great flavors that are spot on, as well as a wide selection.
The Cupcake Crusaders’ review of Sublime Cupcakes

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    1. Stacy @ Cupcake Crusaders

      Thank you for letting us share some of our favorite cupcake shops with all your readers! Our list is always changing and always growing, and we always look forward to finding our next favorite cupcake! Thanks again!

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    3. Tracy Davidheiser

      You need to try Scratch in Ephrata PA. I was a Sublime fan until I had a cupcake from Scratch, heavenly!

      1. Stacy @ Cupcake Crusaders

        Hi Tracy! Is that the same shop that is listed as “Lititz, PA?” If so, we are actually friends with someone who is friends with the owner (it’s a small world!). We’ve been talking about getting together to try her cupcakes for a while now. We DEFINITELY need to make that happen. Thanks!

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