The Perfect Gift for Girls

Looking for the perfect gift idea for girls? This mermaid doll will be your child’s new favorite!

Raise your hand if you’re feeling like this year has just flown by? Can you believe we’re already ready to kick off the holiday season?! The holidays are always my favorite time of year. It’s such a fun time to celebrate, slow down, and spend time as a family. Plus, it’s such a fun time to be able to give the kids gifts and see their faces just light up as happy as can be!

As I was putting my shopping list together for Claire this year, I learned that the Baby born Surprise doll she’s always loved has a new mermaid version! She’s had so much fun with bath time and with mermaids, so this partnership with #babybornsurprise couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m so excited to share all about it with you. Christmas came a little early for Claire this year with the BABY born Mermaid Surprise! ;) Since this doll arrived, she has been connected at the hip. She seriously won’t put it down!

The mermaid trend is definitely here to stay, whether it’s for birthday parties or room décor. And Claire has been in-love with mermaids for years. She has so much fun playing with her dolls, making up stories for each of them and even changing their names (she currently named hers Ella Bella). This was the perfect new addition. I’m seriously in awe of her imagination!

The BABY born Mermaid Surprise makes the perfect gift for a girl ages 4-6, as they just love to play with dolls so much, using their imagination to bring friendship into the mix. It’s so sweet! This BABY born Mermaid Surprise doll now comes in a mermaid theme, complete with so many magical surprises! There’s a seashell bathtub, mermaid swimsuit, and mermaid towel included to make it all the more fun.


Claire has been having SO much fun playing with her new mermaid baby, giving her baby a bath in the magical seashell bathtub. And the best part? When she gives her a bath, her hair changes color! You should have seen the reaction on her face when that happened!

If you’re anything like me, you may already have your holiday shopping list going for the season. I love starting early for the kids! If you have a child that is totally in-love with mermaids, this is definitely a must-add toy to the list!

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