My All-Time Favorite Experiences In Blogging

I know I say this often, but blogging has opened up SO many doors I would have never imagined possible. I always knew I was meant to do something creative, but I never knew exactly what that was. Even to this day, this brand continues to open doors that take me to the next level at BFFF. My ultimate goal is to have BFFF be the umbrella that holds multiple brands, all bringing joy to you every day! =) Over the years, I’ve shared SO many snippets of fun experiences, but I’ve never actually sat down and reflected. I thought it would be fun to throw these experiences together in one location for our long-time readers and BFFF rookies too of course!

Meeting Martha Stewart – This one deserves a blog post within itself! 4 years ago, I started working with Martha Stewart to create content using her lines of craft products. Fast forward a year later and I was invited to speak at ALT Summit, which she was the keynote for. I had coordinated to meet up with her prior to the conference. There were hundreds of people waiting outside the door to meet her, but her assistant pulled me forward for a quick meet-up. Luckily, one of the photographers behind set snapped a few photos! Such a cool experience, especially because I used to joke about meeting her all the time on my Facebook page before I even started this blog. Isn’t life funny?

Speaking @ Alt Summit – When I first started blogging, ALT Summit used to sell out in a matter of minutes. Often their website would crash because there were SO many people trying to snag a ticket. Fast forward 5 years later, and I was over-the-moon excited to speak on a panel alongside the Marketing Directors of Wayfair and Microsoft / BING speaking about how blogs and brands work together. I met many new friends and landed quite a few partnerships from this experience. SO glad I didn’t let my fear of flying stop me! ;)

Going to the Pinterest Headquarters and meeting Founder, Ben Silberman – There were body guards at the front doors and Ryan Gosling swag everywhere – from pillows to note cards. Ha! It was such a surreal experience to meet Ben in person, as Pinterest has been such a huge part of our success at BFFF!

Palm Breeze + Shay Mitchell Event – One of my favorite projects to date was a year-long partnership to support the launch of Palm Breeze! We created a series of blog posts, videos, and, my favorite part, we co-hosted an event in LA with Shay Mitchell. The producers of the Ellen DeGeneres Show were there, POP Sugar, TMZ, and the list goes on! ;) I wish I had more photos from that day. I had the photographer snap some, but I never ended up getting them back. Note to self: never rely on just a photographer for those moments.

Meeting Paula Deen and learning she read my blog – I used to be such a big Paula Deen fan! I’ve always loved her warm personality. I won’t get involved in politics over here, but her ending was such a bummer. A year into my blogging adventure, I received tickets to see her live and to meet her backstage. She was a reader of BFFF, and it was my first “starstruck” moment from having this blog.  I’ll always remember that! ;)

Press features – Growing up, I remember listening to Tom Petty on headphones in the backyard sunshine and putting lemon juice in my hair to add natural highlights. We would read lifestyle magazines like Better Homes & Gardens, Redbook, etc. for hours! Looking back, I have no doubt this experience inspired me to have a love that is deeply rooted in the lifestyle industry. Having opportunities to be featured as an entertaining expert in national publications like Redbook, Better Homes & Gardens, Martha Stewart, Oprah, QVC, Pottery Barn Kids, and the list goes on, makes me proud to share ideas and content on a national level.

Flying – I flew once when I was 15. It wasn’t traumatic, but I didn’t feel inclined to do it again. As I got older, I developed a lot of anxiety around flying. I actually thought I knew for a fact that I would NEVER fly on an airplane. Fast forward to many years later, and I had an opportunity to speak at an Alt Summit conference that Martha Stewart was headlining….I ended up having to talk to a doctor and counselor and even bought a book to overcome my fear of flying…but I flew to Utah and now have made several trips after that! Facing my fear of flying makes me feel more proud than anything on this list. Having this blog is so much more than just sharing content. It has truly helped me on so many levels in my own life. I am so grateful for each and every one of you for being a part of this journey with me.

Learning what I like – This is a funny one! I was debating whether or not to even put this one on the list…I didn’t have an identified style or brand originally, but now that I’ve been in the game scouring trends, social media, and especially Pinterest, I have such a large knowledge base about what I like! I’ve not only created a personal style but a brand. That’s sort of how our #SOBestFriendsForFrosting hashtag came about! ;)

#SOBestFriendsForFrosting hashtag- On that note, I should share this too! I remember when I first started blogging, and I was so annoyed with learning about hashtags on Twitter – at the time, that was the only outlet that used them. As I patiently learned how to use them, I became more thankful for them as they really are like a filing system for social media. ;) I love how you can punch a hashtag in, and typically the photos are pretty consistent. We started the #SOBestFriendsForFrosting hashtag a couple years back and have created a community of likeminded friends who have a similar style and love for pastels, bright, and airy pictures. I’ve actually learned that some of our readers have become “real life friends” from discovering one another off this hashtag. I love the community we’re all building together. So thankful for each and every one of you who share and share on this hashtag.

Getting to do BFFF full-time – BFFF is 100% our sole income, and I am so grateful I get to work as a team toward a goal that ” it doesn’t matter about the money.”  Whenever I hire someone, I always ask them “If money wasn’t a factor, what would you do?” My answer is BFFF! I want to continue growing this brand in many different ways and eventually make this into so much more than a blog. =) Don’t worry, having a blog is still part of the plan too! There are so many plans to take this to the next level. I remember working as a Marketing Director for my parents’ Senior In-Home Care Agency and staying up until 6 AM while 1-year-old Charlie was sleeping to make this brand a reality. Even though I was so excited to do this as a job, I was also so excited just having a space to create and bring people together. The fact that we can do this full-time and hire some of the most talented people I’ve ever met and create a dream is still a “pinch me” moment!

Pottery Barn Kids – I’ve done quite a few collaborations, but Pottery Barn Kids is one of my favorites to date! Designing Claire’s nursery was a unicorn dream! ;) Hosting my nieces and nephews for a cookie decorating party was so much fun too! LOVE LOVE LOVE being able to work with brands we love so much!

Texting with Monica Potter – I still miss our interview features on BFFF, and I am planning a way to bring them back in a more personalized way. One of my favorite features to date was with Monica Potter of Parenthood. She is just as sweet in person as she is on Parenthood. I LOVE down to earth people.

Team BFFF – Being an entrepreneur can be scary! I’ve learned that just because I am capable of doing everything doesn’t mean I 130% flourish in these areas or should do it all! I am a firm believer in finding your “zone of genius” and finding the right key team members with other strengths that complement yours. I tried to do it all once and fell on my face…hard. We’re talking burnout, health issues, and being stressed out all the time. No one wants that! ;) This past year, I have taken my time to find the perfect team players, and it’s been one of the biggest game-changers. BFFF is consistent visually and FINALLY the brand I always dreamed of it being. We’ve worked really hard these past few seasons to perfect it in so many ways. These girls have become some of my closest friends. Every time we work together, I get so pumped up!

I feel so blessed that I get to call this my job. It’s literally a “pinch me moment” every day.  I would NEVER in a million years be able to do this without your support and encouragement. I love that we get to experience this journey together. Thanks so much for joining me on this wild ride. I am so humbled and thankful! Love you guys!


Image #6 taken by Christie Spencer Image #6 by Jenn Bartell.  Image #7 by Two Twenty Photos.   Image #8 by Jenn Bartell. Image #9 by Two Twenty Photos. Image #11 by Two Twenty Photos.  Image #12 by Jenn Bartell.



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    1. Indya S

      This is an amazing post. You have achieved so much through blogging, and it’s so inspiring to see. Congratulations for getting over your fear of flying! I’ve never been on a plane, but I already know I’m terrified of them – my need to see the world is stronger though, and I know one day I will concur my fear!

      It’s so nice to see that you’re still so humble and grateful amongst all your success. You obviously have a great true sense of self, and a good heart. You deserve every good thing that comes your way! Good luck with your future endeavours ????

      Indya ||