What’s the most delicious party of the year? A cookie swap! How else can you bake one kind of cookie yourself, then get 8-10 different kinds of delicious homemade cookies to give away or enjoy? In addition to being delicious, cookie swaps are a great way to kick off the holiday season and spend quality time with good friends. This year, BFFF is ecstatic to be a part of the Toys for Tots Cookie Exchange sponsored by Betty Crocker! Toys for Tots is an incredible organization that reminds us all that the holidays are truly about giving, and they have brought brighter Christmases to millions of kids in need. Sometimes it’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving, and we’re so happy we could put a ton of love into these cookies!






Betty Crocker provided us with a holiday cookie decorating kit and we’re giving one away to one lucky BFFF reader. The kit includes the Betty Crocker “Big Book of Cookies,” a Betty Crocker apron, cookie mixes and frostings, a mixing spoon, a Toys for Toys train cookie cutter, and a party-hosting toy donation form. Ready to enter? All you have to do is leave a comment below telling us a great suggestion on how to pay it forward!

Photos by Liz Barhydt of Life Made Sweet

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    Join in on the fun!

    1. kelly c

      I enjoy doing the simple things, holding a door for someone, helping with groceries to car, bringing in my neighbors garbage can etc.

    2. Jane N

      I love to cook. Not the greatest at it but I love to do it anyway. So I pack up my goodies for my kids who work full time so they can have healthy snacks instead of fast food.

    3. Jess Escamilla

      Oh I would LOVE this! The way how I would pay it forward? Well, long story short, I am the owner of Jessi’s Pop Shop, I have voluntered to do a bake sale for Ronald Mcdonalds house. Not sure if you are familiar with it, but Ronald Mcdonald provides housing to those in need for a place to stay when they have someone in the hospital. My family and I are very familiar with them. Years ago, when my younger sister was diagnosed with cancer, we were that one family who was scared of such last minute news and didn’t have money for a hotel. they provided such beautiful housing. It’s an honor to be able to provide back any help. So, this would help my bake off in preparing the goodies. all donations are going to Ronald Mcdonald :)

    4. Melissa L.

      A way to pay it forward is to pay for someone’s meal. There are many ways, and it’s great thing to do! Great topic, and giveaway!

    5. Pam Gurganus

      This is something very simple, but during the holidays, one way my husband and I pay it forward is….we drive from Florida to Michigan for the holidays and we have to go through A LOT of tolls. Well, when we get to the toll booth, we pay our toll and the toll for the vehicle behind us in line and we ask the toll booth operator to tell the car Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year for us! It’s so much fun! The cars come speeding up to us to honk and say thank you and some even rolled down their windows to tell us they did it for the car behind them too! Now that’s paying it forward AND spreading some holiday cheer and goodwill toward men! :) So fun!

    6. Luanne

      I like to pay it forward at Christmas by supplying gifts for kids that don’t have much chance of receiving gifts. I donate shoe boxes through Samaritans Purse, Donate Toys through Toys for Tots, Pick angels of trees from various groups, The Salvation Army and others. I also try to give plates of cookies to my neighbors and the postal clerks at the post office. I have taken some to fire house before also. Thanks for the giveaway

    7. lacey

      I try to always hold doors, help people find things, and let people cut in front of me while driving. I also love complimenting anyone who is working hard. Anything to make someone smile.

    8. Jaymie G

      The best way to pay it forward is not to wait until the holidays to find your Christmas spirit. There is no rule saying we can’t have Christmas spirit all year long, and that’s exactly what we should do. Be kind to one another all the time without expecting anything in return like compensation or recognition for our good deeds. Opportunities to be kind to others are revealed all day, everyday; TAKE THEM. You never know how big of an impact you might make on a person’s day, week, or even their life. Restore your faith in humanity by starting with the one person you can control to make a difference, yourself! And, taking it back to elementary school here but, always follow the Golden Rule kiddos! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!!

      PS: A couple of weeks ago, a lady dropped something coming out of the grocery store. I wasn’t even going to go but I got out after just getting home from work and went anyway. But I knew when I noticed it was her wallet that I was in the right place at the right time. I called after her in the parking lot and was able to return her wallet. She thanked me and informed me it had been “one of those days.” Just yesterday, two ladies, complete strangers, twenty minutes apart, and their two random acts of kindness were able to obliviate all my negative energy. I then was able to help yet another lady, also a complete stranger, within the same hour. #thecircleoflife