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Unicorn Halloween Jack o’ Lantern Cake

If you’re planning a unicorn party this fall, you cannot miss this Unicorn Jack-o’-Lantern Cake! You’re probably thinking, “that’s actually a thing?!” Unicorns and Pumpkins are giving us the best of both worlds! ;)

We have been putting our heads together figuring out exciting new ways to bring fresh content to BFFF that I feel confident you guys will love. Even though decorating cakes is not always my zone of genius, I REALLY wanted to figure out an authentic way to bring more party cake concepts to BFFF. From looking at statistics, the party cakes we pin on Pinterest tend to perform the highest, so I know we have some legit party animals out there. ;) I am so excited to recruit my local friend Mui Sweets + Creations to make some of these fun concepts a reality on BFFF!

But first can we talk about chocolate cake?! I’ve had many experiences where I’ve tried a dessert and that dessert either only looks really good or only tastes really good! This is a rare experience. We get BOTH! This cake equally tastes amazing and looks stunning.

Our Operations Director, Ally, said this tasted better than her wedding cake. Andy said he wished he married her instead of me. LOL. He doesn’t even like frosting the way I do, and he couldn’t stop eating this cake. As for me, I am still processing how Mui comes up with these AMAZING recipes.

The layers of chocolate cake and frosting were the perfect balance of rich and delicious. I’m still dreaming about it! And let’s talk about decor – this cake is the perfect way to bring some color and girliness to some of the darker colors of Halloween and fall. It’s the perfect party table decor piece for a Halloween birthday party or a costume party!

Who else is planning a unicorn party?

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