Vanilla Whipped Cream

So many desserts go hand-in-hand with whipped cream.  Two Tarts has a Vanilla Whipped Cream recipe that only consist of 3 ingredients.  All you will need is one pint of heavy whipping cream, seeds of one vanilla bean (or 1tsp pure vanilla extract), and 2 Tbsp powdered sugar.  Whipped Cream pairs perfectly with pumpkin pie, apple pie, hot chocolate, angel food cake, banana split, strawberries, strawberry shortcake, milkshakes and so much more.

Vanilla Whipped Cream Recipe


  • one pint heavy whipping cream
  • seeds of one vanilla bean (or 1 tsp pure vanilla extract)
  • 2 Tbsp powdered sugar


  • Pour cream into a large bowl.   Begin beating (I use a handheld electric mixer.  I’m sure it could be done by hand, but I haven’t attempted that yet!).

Tips on how to make great whipped Cream:

  • Use a large bowl to minimize splattering.
  • Make sure the bowl is completely clean – any greasy residue left behind will hinder the beating process and could prevent the cream from turning into whipped cream.
  • For best and fastest whipping results, try freezing the bowl & beaters for a few minutes before getting started. The coldness helps the cream whip more quickly and easily.
  • Powdered sugar dissolves more quickly and evenly into the whipped cream, but it is possible to substitute regular granulated sugar.
  • When the cream begins to form soft peaks (no longer totally liquid but can begin to hold its shape just a little), add the sugar and vanilla bean seeds.  Continue whipping until the cream becomes thick and easily holds peaks & valleys.
  • Note that if you don’t beat the cream long enough, you’ll have a more soft and creamy final product that doesn’t really hold its shape (but still tastes delicious).  If you beat it too far past the point of when it is holding peaks & valleys, it will suddenly separate into butter & whey.  Which would be a bummer.

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