Vegan Coconut Carrot Cake

If ever there was a good time to have cake for breakfast, that time is now.  Vegan Yack Attack so lovingly created this  Vegan Coconut Carrot Cake, the most mouth-watering cake of all, adding a twist to the traditional carrot cake with the addition of coconut!  For vegans, or those just looking for healthier options, this cake has it all.  The cake itself is make with coconut oil and ripened bananas…and carrots, of course.  Flaxseed replaces the egg and it’s perfectly spiced with the usual warm flavors of nutmeg and cinnamon.  The frosting is packed with flaked coconut and uses a base of blended cashews.  So step aside pancakes.  I’ve found something new to wake up to.  I wouldn’t be opposed to having cake for lunch or dinner either, now that I think about it…


Photo by: Vegan Yack Attack 

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