For all of our vegans out there, we’ve rounded up a variety of vegan-friendly parfaits that you will love to make and love to eat even more! Even if you haven’t adopted the vegan lifestyle, these delicious recipes are a must-try!


Vegan Richa presents a Spiced Oat Almond Gluten-Free Cake in a Strawberry Nuts Goji Berry Parfait. This sweet treat is both full of flavor and healthy for you! (via Vegan Richa)


This Berries n’ Cream Parfait is made with raspberry puree, homemade coconut yogurt, vanilla protein yogurt, and lime-marinated strawberries topped with coconut and fresh mint leaves. Creating your own yogurt allows you to save money while making it vegan-friendly with cashew, almond, or oat milk. In addition to being vegan, this scrumptious creation is also gluten-free, dairy-free, yeast-free, and corn-free. (via Healthful Pursuit)


This Berry Parfait is made from homemade yogurt and granola. While this one takes a little time to whip up, it’s totally worth it. This recipe is completely natural and a great way to fulfill your daily serving of fruit and protein! (via The Vegan Chickpea)


This Chia Pecan Peach Parfait is the perfect combination of rich nutty flavor and sweet nectar. It’s a delicious breakfast or a great snack on the go. It’s easy to play around with, too! Switch it up with cherries and almonds, or apples and walnuts–whichever you prefer. Enjoy this healthy dessert wherever, whenever. (via Tasty Eats at Home)


Since granola tends to be a favorite for vegans, this Granola Parfait is guaranteed to please! This spring-inspired granola parfait contains a delightful mix of flavors, making it the best warm weather snack! (via A Dash of Compassion)


Banana cream pie has always been a classic dessert, and now it can be enjoyed as a vegan parfait with this Raw Banana “Cream” Parfait! The combination of refreshing bananas and luscious cream is nothing short of heavenly! This favorite dish has been recreated into a perfectly sized vegan-friendly parfait, and you can’t even tell the difference! (via Rawamazing)


When thinking of key lime pie, a few things usually comes to mind: the beach, a tropical getaway, and summertime. Eating this vegan Key Lime Pie Parfait will remind you of just that! With its sweet and sour flavor and creamy pudding texture, you won’t be able to get enough. It’s fantastic as a summertime treat or a snack on a cold winter day when you’re longing for summer! (via Chocolate Covered Katie)


Blending together an array of bold flavors, this Vegan Cream and Blood Orange Parfait will send your taste buds into overdrive. The recipe blends a rich, dairy-free cream made from navy beans with a sweet citrus sauce of blood orange, lemon, apple, and cinnamon–it’s a decadent combination you can’t go wrong with!  (via Healthful Pursuit)

Do you have a favorite vegan-friendly dessert? Tell us about it in the comments!

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