Don’t you just love an accidental masterpiece?! This fast and fun DIY project is super versatile and would make the most vibrant wedding backdrop or perfect photo prop! If you’re a fan of abstract patterns and looking to get a little messy in life, then this genius idea is right up your alley! We’ve teamed up with Alisha Johns of Lishy Lishy to provide you with this super cool, step-by-step art project. Time to grab some supplies, head outside and see just how creative you can get!



  • 1 large sheet of plywood
  • 1 half gallon of white paint
  • 2-4 quarts of colored paint
  • 1 roller and paint tray
  • 1 large drop cloth


Step 1: Base Coat

Start by laying out your drop cloth and applying a clean layer of paint to a large sheet of plywood (which can be purchased from any home improvement store). I was luckily able to use some leftover panels from my dad’s shed! Any color could serve as your base layer, but I chose white paint so that the other colors would really pop. You could even leave the natural wood for a more rustic look. A roller will be the quickest application method and will give you the smoothest results.


Step 2: Pour

Choose 2-4 different colors that you think would complement each other nicely. Remember that they may mix slightly, so choose wisely. Gold, light pink and dark pink were a dreamy combo! With the board still lying flat on the ground, start about 6-12 inches from one side and begin to pour the paint colors, overlapping and onto the board. Go slow, and try to keep the paint within the confines of the board. You’ll start to accumulate a large puddle of paint and that’s okay! It will be spread out soon.


Step 3: Drip

Gently lift the paint-filled side of the board up, leaving the blank side on the ground. Your puddle of paint will begin to run and coat the remainder of the board. This is where you can get creative! Tilt to each side to encourage crossover. Add more paint if you’d like and watch your abstract patterns take shape!

Step 4: Dry

Lean your board up against something to dry. Just remember that it may continue to drip, so have that drop cloth handy! Leave out to dry for a full day before attempting to transport.


Voila! You’ll be left with not only a great work of abstract art, but also a photogenic backdrop and a fabulous conversation piece for your next dinner party. You may even feel like you’re the next Jackson Pollock…but let’s not get carried away!

DIY Project by: Alisha Johns of Lishy Lishy | @alishylishy

Photography for Best Friends for Frosting by: Rachel Tokarski Photography | @racheltokarski

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    1. Sarah Laurence

      That’s gorgeous! Definitely going to make one for my blog – thank you :)

      And now to go and buy gold paint!

    2. Lisa Marie Klinowski

      Can you share the brand of paint and paint colors? They’re soooo pretty!! Thank you kindly (^_^)