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Style a Vintage Spooky Candy Bar

The search for the perfect candy bar is over! With Halloween coming up, My Mind’s Eye has created a spooky, vintage candy bar complete with a DIY wallpaper backdrop. Adorable, right?! We love that this can be used for either a kid’s party or a grown-up version with your friends and family. You can also keep and reuse the apothecary jars after, so this is definitely a win-win! Check out the scary cute vintage candy bar below:



“There is nothing better at a party than giving your guests a selection of childhood memory including candy to take home! But why not make the candy serve double duty as party decor as well? It is easy to do, and not as costly as you would think using a few simple tips!


Step one: Gather Containers
We wanted this candy bar to have a vintage feel so apothecary jars were the perfect fit. We found the best place to look for them is at home discount stores like HomeGoods or Marshalls. We were able to find three jars for just $24.00 total in our clearance section. You can also find great vintage looking glass jars from Target and Ikea; Trifle bowls or Mason jars are options as well.
Remember to go with smaller jars. Candy goes a long way and you don’t want to be left with pounds of it because you had to buy a ton to fill the jars you have. If you do end up with bigger jars one of our favorite tips is to fill the jar with an up side down vase or a bowl to fill some of the space. Then, cover that with the candy.


Step two: Choose Candy
We recommend going with a color palette to simplify the overall look and keep things consistent. Count how many jars you have and how large they are to give you an idea of how much candy you are going to need. If you live in a large city you will likely have a wholesale to public candy store near you. We have a candy shop in our home town that sells colored gum balls by the pound for a great price. If you don’t have a store nearby, never discount the beauty of the internet! There are a lot of online options for buying candy by the color.


We also recommend trying to buy a variety of candy.  Gumballs make for pretty displays but they aren’t the most tempting treat, so try and add in some candy you know your guests crave! If you don’t love the way they look you can do something similar to what we did in this display; we surrounded the outside of a trifle bowl with ghost peeps, which create an adorable look, but we filled the inside with tempting chocolate.



Step three: Create a table scape using different heights for a beautiful composition. 
Using jars of different sizes will help, but using items you can already find around the house will add levels. We used books and a wooden cake stand for this setup.


Step Four: Add some fun containers and special touches.
We added an extra special touch by use our giant Halloween confetti and our Halloween picks in the candy bowl. We used our party fans on the wall to add some color For containers we used mini clear paint cans you can buy in the party section of craft stores and added our Something Wicked label stickers.


Step Five: Enjoy! 
Bonus tips: Create a beautiful backdrop to really make your candy stand out in the room. For this candy bar we created a buffalo check background using My Colors Cardstock. You can see how we made it and buy the kits here.”



Creator and Photographer: Candice Stringham

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  1. I love the plaid background. I’m unable to access the video and was wondering how you attached the paper to the wall. Thanks!

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