Wall Art That Will Transform Your Room

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Most of my friends have husbands who don’t care about home decor. I guess you can say Andy and my situation is a bit different since Andy is so passionate about interior design! Did I mention it’s taken us 2 years and counting to find a house. ;) Ideally, we’d love to find a Mid-Century Modern home with a ton of glass windows…. but we’ve finally gotten to the point where we have agreed to buy a Mid-Century ranch if the right house pops up. We just want to get into a space we will love to call our home and get our hands dirty! ;) As we continue to dream about the perfect place to make our home, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite wall art pieces to keep my mind off of the fact that we’re still renting. P.S. Anyone else ever feel SO ready to buy a house that even cleaning your current house feels like an extra challenge? I’m not kidding, as my mom says “I am more than ready and overdue” LOL. P.S.S. The picture of our dining room was a piece of wall art Andy and I actually agreed on! It’s amazing how much this piece of wall art brightens up the room! Here’s a few more of my faves!!!



Photography For Best Friends For Frosting By Andy Johnson
Graphic Design For Best Friends For Frosting By Sweet Southern Pixels

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