White & Gold Kitchen

Welcome to my dream kitchen you guys! :) You already got to see a few sneak peeks of it in the all around reveal of the #SOBestFriendsForFrosting Airbnb, but now there’s even more to peek at. I honestly couldn’t help myself when it came to showing off this room. The living room and the kitchen are constantly fighting to be my favorite room in the house. It pretty much depends on the day for which one ends up being my favorite at this point. But with this full kitchen reveal today, the kitchen is definitely winning for now! ;) The house itself gets a lot of beautiful natural light, but the kitchen in particular is so bright and airy. All together the kitchen just feels so chic. I can’t help but to love it!


An All-White Dream Kitchen

I have been dreaming of an all-white kitchen for years now! No joke, I have a whole secret Pinterest board devoted to the concept. My love for a dreamy, purely white kitchen is basically an obsession, and I’m so thrilled that my dream is finally a reality! I’ve wanted one for so long, but it’s never really made sense for us to incorporate that design in our own home. Especially when we became parents, a white kitchen was just NOT going to happen. But the Airbnb gave me a chance to fully live out my dream! Luckily, the house already came with white appliances and light wood cabinets. So my dream only required a bunch of sanding and painting. ;) Once the cabinets were all finished, I went back and added all new hardware. I picked out a light gold finish for the hardware to add just a little extra chic touch to the cabinets. It definitely wasn’t a surprise that I am so in love with how the white kitchen turned out!


Simple and Chic Countertops

I wanted to be sure to maintain the light and clean feeling of the kitchen when it came to stocking it. With such a white design, anything that isn’t white very quickly stands out. But you want to make sure it’s in a good way! I love styling kitchen utensils that double as visual accessories, but finding the right pieces was a struggle. I discovered that when it comes to a white kitchen, things can very quickly look cluttered! Your eye is so automatically drawn to the pops of color that it can become visually overwhelming when there’s a ton of stuff on the counters. So for the Airbnb kitchen, I decided to keep the counters pretty simple and go with a minimalist chic look. I chose a simple spinning spice rack and this gorgeous bowl for the countertops. Both of the pieces are super functional and perfect to keep located on the countertops. To help keep things visually light, I also made sure to add them on opposite ends of the counter, for a calming symmetrical look. So when it comes to all-white kitchens, lesson learned. Keep things beautiful, light, and simple! :)


Colorful Accents

Even though I think the all-white kitchen is completely gorgeous, I still decided to add a pop or two of color in the room. Just to take the room to the next level! With all of the beautiful natural light that pours into the kitchen, plants seemed like the perfect fit. I found two adorable plants, potted them, and placed them right by the window. They add a fantastic little color burst in the middle of the room. Finally, I tied the whole room together with this amazing blue and white rug that I found at ________. The soft blue color was a great complement to all of the white in the space. Plus it is super comfy for when you’re on your feet during long cooking and baking sessions.
This all-white, chic kitchen is basically my secret Pinterest board brought to life! I know it will be years before we can have a white kitchen of our own, but for now I’m happy just having one in the Airbnb!

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    1. Indya | The Small Adventurer

      My, oh my, what a breathtaking kitchen! My dream home will definitely have a mostly white kitchen (with pops of pink too, hopefully!), but I know it’s going to be a nightmare to clean because when I bake something, I get FOOD everywhere! Not to mention food dyes… Our poor bench is currently a very strange mix of colours as I just cannot seem to keep those coloured dyes away from the countertop! Whoops ?


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