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Whether you have started your dream job or are still working on getting there, false limitations can be hurting your chances of being successful. We are so happy to have Jessica of Jessica Nazarali Coaching back with us today to talk about how you can move past your limitations that are holding you back. The founder and creator of It Girl Entrepreneur has some seriously helpful tips that will give you some major inspiration! Once you can get past these limitations that are holding you back, you will be surprised what you can do. Here’s what Jessica has to say:


Long before I quit my day job to chase my dream of being an entrepreneur, I knew working in a nine to five corporate job for the rest of my life just wasn’t for me. I used to daydream about traveling the globe, being my own boss, and working when and where I wanted to work. Those daydreams took years to turn into my reality, not because of how long it took to become a successful coach, which was faster than I ever thought possible, but because my dreams stopped at the planning stages.

I placed a hundred limits on how successful I could be. I hadn’t gone to business school yet, I didn’t know how to speak in public, I wasn’t a good enough writer, I wasn’t pretty enough for photo shoots, I hadn’t saved enough money to quit my day job, I wasn’t old enough to be a business coach yet, and on and on. It wasn’t until I identified and let go of these limiting beliefs that I was ready to go all in on my dreams. And once I did, I realized they were the only things holding me back. If you’re on the fence about going after what you really want in your career, here are the four steps to move past your false limitations and open up the possibilities for yourself.


Step 1.  Identify your negative thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

The reality is that most people have negative thoughts that creep into their minds and after a while, those thoughts become the filter through which we see the world. Many of us don’t feel we deserve success, happiness, or wealth. We’ve come to the conclusion that those things are reserved for the few because the few have something that we lack.

Where did the inner critic in your head come from? Chances are, you weren’t born with her talking down to you. Did you adopt an inner critic from your teachers, parents, mentors, bosses, colleagues, friends, or even popular culture? Once you’ve identified what your inner critic says and where that came from, does she still feel as powerful hanging over you? Do you feel that those criticisms still hold true to you today? Now think about all of the positive thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that define you. For myself, despite all of those negative beliefs I mentioned, I always knew I was incredibly determined no matter what challenge was thrown at me.

Step 2. Focus on those thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that are empowering for you.

Now that you’ve identified the thoughts swirling around your head about yourself all day every day, focus on the positive ones by doing two simple things. First, call yourself out each time you start thinking negatively. Remind yourself of where your inner critic came from and that she’s not helpful or empowering. More importantly, what she has to say about you doesn’t have to hold you back. Second, when you find yourself thinking positively about your ability to achieve success, repeat that thought a few times. Try saying it aloud to yourself or meditating for a few minutes each day on those positive thoughts or feelings.


Step 3. Stop judgment toward others.

Even as children, we judge other people due to our own insecurities, our upbringing, the influence of our parents, family and friends, and what we see in our culture. The problem is judgments toward others not only limit our view of the world, but they also give us negative feedback that lowers our capacity to empower ourselves. When we judge someone, we actually put a label on them – and that label might not even be true. That label usually stems from our own insecurities, rather than the person we project them onto.

Step 4. Start engaging in empowering activities that will benefit you as well as others.

When you falsely limit yourself because of your perceived lack, you can’t help the people you are destined to serve. Instead, by becoming successful you are empowering both yourself and the people around you. Take action steps toward making your dream a reality today, even if it feels a long way off. Try a new hobby or skill. Be committed to being excellent at your work. Share some of your expertise by engaging in volunteer work or supporting an organization you believe in. Read a book or take a class to learn about what it is you really want to do. Start now and you’ll be surprised how fast those false limitations become a thing of the past.

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