Melissa Johnson of Best Friends for Frosting

Based in sunny Sacramento, California, Best Friends For Frosting® is a lifestyle website dedicated to celebrating joyful and wholehearted living. Melissa Johnson creates uplifting content with a unique branded style that includes Pinterest-worthy DIYs, entertaining tips, home design, recipes, fashion inspiration, motherhood and so much more.


Genuine, bubbly, and most of all, relatable, Melissa’s down-to-earth personality connects readers with creativity and inspiration, all in the name of fun. Melissa shares engaging content to inspire readers for their everyday and most memorable occasions. As a contributor to Better Homes & Gardens, and frequent collaborations with lifestyle brands such as Martha Stewart and Family Fun, Melissa has cultivated a loyal community of like-minded readers straight from the heart.


I truly believe that joyful living goes so much deeper than Pinterest-worthy images. I believe there is priceless value found within the real moments that fill our lives. It’s all about living in the moment, starting each day with a grateful heart, and choosing to celebrate the everyday. I believe that time is the best gift you can ever give someone, that kindness is your best accessory, and in the power of handwritten thank-you notes.

As creatives, big dreamers, mama bears, wives, and friends,  let’s pursue a life filled to the brim with joy, celebration, and more of what matters most. Together, let’s make room for saying yes to what brings you joy, more passion for the lives we’re building, and more choices to live a life you love inside and out!

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Melissa and her team work out of the BFFF Studio in Sacramento, California

  • CEO & Creative Director: Melissa Johnson
  • Operations Director: Ally Jones
  • Business Development Director: Amber Maduell
  • Interns: Lauren Kurtz, Nikki Babri & Kaitlin Matlock.
  • Tech: Andy Johnson
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