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As Saint Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, I wanted to share a girly project or two before the leprechaun runs away with the whole holiday and it just passes us by! Here’s my opinion about St. Patrick’s Day colors when it comes to a branding and design perspective…the colors aren’t my favorite. Soft pastels, whites, golds, and pinks are way more in my comfort zone. It’s so hard for me to break out of my feminine color scheme. When I thought about creating St. Patrick’s Day pastel rainbow cookies, I just couldn’t swing it in this space…so as I went on Pinterest and typed in “pink rainbow cookies” I couldn’t find anything and suddenly felt inspired and up for the challenge! ;)

Before I knew it, I was in the kitchen blasting Backstreet Boys and baking sugar cookies. To be honest, I enjoy decorating desserts even more than I enjoy putting the recipe together. If you’re looking for the perfect sugar cookie that does not loose its shape AND the icing looks just like the cookies from the bakery, this cookie is for you! I’ve been using this recipe for nearly 12 years now! Not only do they taste incredible, BUT they end up looking amazing as well because of how well the dough holds its shape and how the icing hardens. It’s also my mom’s most favorite cookie recipe, and she asks for it basically every holiday! ;)

Okay, back to St. Patrick’s Day!! What do you do for this holiday? Every year since I was little, my mom would make us corned beef and cabbage. As an adult, I continue that tradition with my own kids, but I go the extra mile…. we’re talking green eggs and ham, green milk with Lucky Charms, and I even dye the toilet water green! I’m not kidding guys! For dessert I usually make Mint Chip Milkshakes (which I plan to top with these rainbow cookies). I think the pastel green will go nicely with these. Hey, I’m coming around! ;)

Earlier last month I got a little personal over here sharing old memories about Andy and what happens to me when I eat too late…So I am partnering together with Pepto-Bismol to continue on keeping this conversation open with you guys. It’s not something I usually dive into on this blog, but one of my goals for 2017 is to be more personal with you. I can’t continue to paint this pretty picture and pretend like I’m exempt from having a bad day or my own set of struggles. I’m only human, right! ;)

A lot of people don’t know this, but I have to make sure I do not eat too late. If I slip up and eat too late, I have to make sure to stay up an extra 3 hours to allow everything to fully digest or I pay the price. I have had a couple slip ups this year, and on almost all the occasions when I experienced this discomfort, I have used Pepto-Bismol. It’s been a lifesaver for me! They don’t call it pink relief for nothing! ;) I actually never used it during my childhood but when my doctor recommended it to me several years back, it became a legit game changer. I was surprised to learn that Pepto-Bismol provides relief for five different stomach symptoms! I am proud to say it’s been a really great year for me. The best part about Pepto-Bismol is that in comes in every shape and size- from liquid to chewable tablets. My personal favorite is the cherry flavored. ;) PS You can even find a coupon here if you need a little extra relief too! I have been trying to be more conscious about eating my biggest meal at lunch and my smallest meal at dinner. Lately, I’ve been on a great kick eating dinner right at 5:00. That means that we’ll be getting that corned beef in the crock pot bright and early! ;)
What is everyone doing for St. Patrick’s Day this year? I am even more curious what desserts everyone is making? MY favorite! I’ll be sipping mint chip milkshakes at 5:00 PM sharp and thinking of all of you! ;)

How To Make Ombre Pink Rainbow Decorated Cookies


  • Basic Rolled Sugar Cookie Recipe from Karen’s Cookies
  • Royal Icing Recipe from Karen’s Cookies
  • Cooling rack
  • Piping bags
  • Rainbow cookie cutter
  • Gold highlighter
  • Small paint brush
  • Pink gel food coloring


  1. Prepare your sugar cookies and use your rainbow shaped cookie cutter to create rainbow shapes before baking. Once finished, let cool completely on your cooling rack.
  2. Prepare your royal icing and separate into five separate bowls.
  3. In one bowl,  add one drop of pink gel food coloring to create a light pale pink.
  4. Next, in your second bowl, add three drops of pink gel food coloring to create a medium pink shade.
  5. In your third bowl, add five drops of pink gel food coloring to create the perfect shade of bright pink royal icing!
  6. In your fourth bowl, add seven drops of your pink gel food coloring to create a hot pink shade.
  7. In your fifth bowl, leave your royal icing white for your clouds.
  8. Scoop each shade of royal icing into five separate piping bags.
  9. Now it’s time to decorate! Begin by piping your clouds.
  10. Next, use your lightest shade of pink first, piping a line to create your first shade of your rainbow. Repeat this process for each shade of pink to create an ombre effect.
  11. Last, use your paint brush to paint a gold outline around your clouds.

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