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Back to School DIY

Back to school time is just around the corner! Raise your hands if you love being able to get your kids pumped up for the school year! It is my absolute favorite season and we have so many ways to celebrate in our home. If you’re looking for fun and creative ways to celebrate with the kids, this back to school DIY is for you!

red apple

Back to School Shopping 

With the rate we’re going, we may just need to change our name to Best Friends For Back to School! ;) Back to school shopping is my all-time absolute favorite because I am able to set the kids up for success and it welcomes in my favorite season – fall! It’s such a fun season of new beginnings and excitement. But with all of the shopping and getting ready, sometimes the beginning of the school year can be hectic, but it is still so important to find ways to celebrate and make joyful memories! 

apple name signs

Shopping Deals

While going back to school shopping, I found the CUTEST apple signs at our favorite store with the dollar bin section – they were only $3. What a steal! You know that feeling when you find something you LOVE and you know exactly where you are going to put it and exactly what you’re going to do with it?! Cue the confetti! Right when I found these signs, I instantly visualized hanging each personalized sign on the back of the kid’s chairs. Is it just me, or does the dollar bin section have the BEST finds? 

apple name signs name sign

Elementary School 

These perfect apple signs are super simple to make and so fun for kids going into elementary school! All you need is the apple sign and a white paint pen. Then just write out your child’s name! If your handwriting isn’t the best, ask a friend to do it for you! Having something personal and homemade is always more special and memorable! Speaking of memories…fun fact: my sweatshirt has been asked about so many times on Instagram stories. Charlie’s kindergarten teacher actually made it for me years ago and I just love it so much! I wear it all the time! It’s one of my most treasured pieces.

girl holding name sign

Back to School Sales

Every year I find the most amazing stuff in the dollar bin section. I always find the best items that I absolutely LOVE, and I get so many fun ideas from it! These apple signs are super special to me because now both of my kids are old enough to use these for real and it shows me how much they’re growing! Time needs to slow down!! But that’s why I love doing these kind of projects, the kids feel special with something personalized for them and it allows us to celebrate a new milestone in their lives!

apple signs

Back to School Supplies

Going shopping for school supplies means my favorite season is around the corner, but it also means it’s time to celebrate the kids starting new beginnings! These dollar bin apple signs are the perfect way to celebrate the beginning of the school year. What great items do you find from the dollar bins? Tell me all about your great finds in the comments below!!


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