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Back to School Organization

Back to school season is officially here! Are you looking forward to back to school shopping? If you’re like me, sometimes getting all the school supplies the kids need and staying organized can be tricky. Use this as inspiration for a fun and efficient way to set yourself up for back to school success!

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Back to School

Hello, back to school season! Back to school and fall are some of my absolute favorite times of the year! From Pumpkin Spice Lattes to boot season to crisp air to visiting the pumpkin patch to getting SO excited about the first day of school – fall is seriously my all-time favorite season! And back to school is my most favorite way to kick it off! And this year, we’re getting super organized around here! ;) With this DIY, I was originally planning on making a homework station in the laundry room, but when the new Hudson Cart released from Michaels, I was completely sold on making a homework station we could literally transport anywhere in our home. Whether it’s outside, in Charlie’s room or the kitchen, this cart can go anywhere he goes! I also made sure to add some Legos and art supplies for Claire as well. I normally have to keep them both quiet and entertained during homework time, so this was the perfect solution! ;) This was such a fun way to get organized, especially since right now is the BEST time to buy back to school essentials as they’re on sale pretty much everywhere. 

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Back to School Supplies

The school year always tends to get super crazy, so I love to have everything ready a little in advance. Once school starts, usually during homework time in the house, it gets hard to get projects done since I am usually running around trying to find all the supplies Charlie needs! I knew I wanted to change how we have homework time this year, and this cart was the perfect addition! By having this fun cart all set and ready, I know everything is in one place where he can easily get the supplies he needs, and I know when we need to get more! We are able to now separate the pencils, markers, crayons, etc. in their own organized and separate compartments. How great is that?!

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Back to School Shopping

Being this organized can also be fun for the kids! For Charlie, he loved going out to pick his supplies and being able to put them away in the containers he wanted. It is such a fun way to show your kids the proper place for everything while making them excited about starting school again! For Claire, we bought Legos and art supplies so while her brother has homework help, she has something to play with. Then after homework time is done, everything can be easily put away and still remain organized. 

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Homework Help

This cart has been a game-changer for keeping things tidy around here. I LOVE the size of this cart because it was able to fit back to school supplies and play items so both the kids are taken care of! Charlie especially loves the cart because he is excited to be able to bring it wherever he does homework, since some days he can get pretty creative with his location! 

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School Supplies

Fall is just around the corner, and with that comes back to school. Starting off with all of the back to school supplies is super important for homework help, but being organized is essential! We now have an area where Charlie can go get his supplies and Claire can join in all the fun. What would you put in your homework help area? Let me know so I can add more and surprise the kids! ;) 

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