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Back to School Party

The new school year is right around the corner, which is why prepping things ahead of time can make going back to school a breeze. If you’re looking for a few new tricks to get the kids ready for the best school year ever, this is for you!

Shopping for a Happy School Year

There is so much to celebrate every day, but celebrating back to school is a family-favorite tradition in our house! Between shopping for new outfits and grabbing all the fun school supplies, the whole process is a blast. Similar to New Year’s, the upcoming school season gives parents and kids a great reason to hit reset and start the school year fresh – which is why we’re partnering with Amazon to celebrate a Happy School Year! 

Goal Setting

Do you love setting goals? If yes, you have to add School Year’s Resolutions to your annual Back to School traditions asap! It’s such a great way to huddle together as a family and get excited about your kid’s back to school goals! This year, we intentionally set goals with the kids and threw a School Year’s Resolutions Party – hello dining table morphed into a yellow bus! We wanted a really special way for the kids to get excited for the new school year. During the party, we talked about what Charlie’s goals for the year would be, and he decided he wanted to focus on three school year’s resolutions: learning how to grow a garden, improving his art skills with painting, coloring, and drawing, and to learn how to cook at home with our help! It was so fun to learn what he was working toward, and Claire was so excited about being able to help with the garden! ;) 


Achieving School Year’s Resolutions

Here’s the fun part! One of the best ways to instantly set your child up for success is to include a few things that will support their goals as part of your back-to-school shopping. Amazon sent us a backpack full of supplies to support Charlie’s goals. To kick off on his goal of learning to garden, we got a super fun gardening kit and a glow in the dark terrarium! To help with his goal of learning to cook with Andy and I, we went MasterChef all the way! ;) Charlie LOVES watching the MasterChef Junior show, so Amazon sent us a MasterChef Junior Bakes book, a MasterChef Junior Cookbook, and a super fun cooking kit with measuring cups, spoons, and prep bowls. The key is to make supporting these goals fun and memorable! We also got plenty of art supplies like washable paint, a new set of colored pencils, and a fun pencil case to keep it all organized! 


School Year’s Eve Celebration

I knew we had to take 2019 to the NEXT level! Celebrating Charlie entering 3rd grade and Claire’s final year of preschool is HUGE! So, we turned our dining room table into a…you guessed it – a school bus! To make a DIY School Bus Table, you will need a ton of yellow butcher paper and construction paper, along with other colors of construction paper and sticker letters. It’s way easier than it looks and such a fun way to display desserts and treats! The kids were shocked – I am convinced I am officially a “cool mom.” Ha! ;) We used plates, cups, and napkins with a lined paper design for school, and the kids had sub sandwiches and some very special decorated back to school cookies! It was so much fun to kick off a goodbye to summer!


Home Organization 

Creating new habits and routines to support our School Year’s Resolutions is one of the keys to success. Sometimes this can be a little challenging after jumping off the summer groove, but we got this! There are so many great ways to get you prepped and ready to make it a breeze! Here are a few routines that have worked really well for us!

  1. Lay clothes and shoes out for school the night before (you can even do this up to 1 week!)
  2. Throw laundry in the wash every 1-2 days and put it away right when it’s done. Anyone else guilty of letting your clothes hang out for a few days in the dryer and suddenly your laundry piles up? ME TOO!
  3. Pack lunches the night before so you’re not rushing in the morning. Check out these super cute lunch boxes that Amazon sent us for the kids!
  4. Buy your kids’ favorite snacks in bulk ahead of time. I love ordering these online through Amazon, so I don’t always have to worry about grabbing boxes at the store. Plus, two- day shipping with Prime makes it so easy to re-order when we’re running low at the last minute!
  5. Ask your child their favorite lunch food ideas and add a list to your notes in your phone so you always have this readily available for grocery shopping trips.
  6. Create a homework station that is designated for your child to do homework where distractions are limited.
  7. Organize all the school supplies ahead of time, whether in drawers or a storage utility cart. Stocking up on supplies ahead of time through Amazon’s Happy School Year store will make this so much simpler! 


Happy School Year Shopping 

Part of truly feeling prepared for the new school year is getting ALL of your supplies ready that your kids will need in order to be successful! Amazon has made shopping for the new school year easier than ever with their Happy School Year store! Have you seen this yet? Run! This page is chock full of classroom essentials and those extra special items to set your kids up for a Happy School Year. The product curation truly takes the guessing game out by suggesting everything the kids will need to succeed – and it’s all visual! Not only does this take away mental fatigue but it simplifies everything to a whole new level of making back to school shopping fun! For moms who are constantly on the go, with a few taps you can order all your child’s back to school supplies in a matter of moments. Everything you need will arrive at your doorstep in just one day (Yay Prime!)! Talk about really kicking off a Happy School Year! 


I am soooo excited for all our mom-friend readers who are also gearing up for back to school! Amazon’s Happy School Year store is a total game-changer! It also bought me quite a bit of time to throw an epic School Year’s Eve party with the kids! What are some School Year’s Resolutions you’ve made in your home? I’d love to hear all about your plans in the comments below! We are ALWAYS looking to add to our school year traditions! Happy back to school 2019, girlfriends! 

This post is sponsored by Amazon 

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