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Easy Cake Mix Donuts

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Donuts are at the top of the trending list when it comes to dessert. Why not make your own with this amazingly easy recipe?! Let’s get this party started! Choose your cake type, food coloring, sprinklesthe possibilities are endless.

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Bust out your donut pan and follow the cake-box directions, make sure to spray the pan with PAM. Put your batter in a piping bag and fill up your donut pan with cake batter. The glaze is where you can get creative. Play with food coloring and sprinkle mixes, and you’ll have picture-worthy pastries. 
cake mix donuts

Make sure you invite all of your best friends over to celebrate spring kicking off, because this recipe makes 18! Plus you’ll have even more time to spend with your friends thanks to the easy cleanup after using PAM.
Fun styling tip: For extra flair, place 6 to 12 donuts in a beautiful box and surprise your loved ones in style!


**Makes 18 donuts


-Cake batter

PAM Original Cooking Spray

-Glaze: 1 tbsp. unsalted butter, melted

1.5 cups powdered sugar

2.5 tbsp. milk

Food coloring (your choice of color)




-Preheat oven to 350F

-Spray donut pan with PAM Cooking Spray

-Make cake batter (mix according to box directions)

-Put batter in piping bag or large zip bag and snip the end

-Squeeze batter into prepared donut pan, filling each well halfway

-Bake donuts for 14 minutes, then cool before removing from pan

-Glaze: Mix butter, sugar, food coloring, and milk until uniform. Dip each donut and turn sideways to let extra glaze run off. (Make sure donuts are cooled before glazing.)

With all the planning that goes into putting together the perfect dish, using PAM Cooking Spray is a sensible way to save time in the kitchen. When you use PAM, you spend less time cleaning up in the kitchen, allowing for more time to be spent with the ones you love. Bonus? PAM Cooking Spray leaves 99% less residue* than leading brands of margarine or bargain-brand sprays, so your dishes will turn out great and you’ll spend less time cleaning up!

*vs. leading cooking sprays (except olive oil), after spraying on glass bakeware, baking at 400°F for 30 minutes, cooling, and then washing in standard home dishwasher with detergent and repeating four times!


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