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Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of Draper James

Looking for some Draper James inspiration? Draper James dresses are an absolute favorite in this house! Reese Witherspoon’s brand is celebrating five years, and we’re bringing the party, complete with a blue gingham cake!

It’s been a minute since I last posted, girlfriends! As we’ve really slowed down this season, I was absolutely overjoyed to be part of Reese Witherspoon’s brand, Draper James’, 5 year anniversary celebration. This is such a huge milestone for such an incredible brand, and you better believe we’re kicking off the party with cake and balloons!




Draper James Anniversary

Draper James is hands down my soul sister gingham brand. I just LOVE every single thing they carry, and I have been a lifetime fan of everything Reese does! So you can only imagine how tickled pink I was for this opportunity to collaborate and celebrate such a huge milestone! Let’s put it this way, over-the-moon excited would be an understatement. ;) If you follow Draper James or subscribe to their newsletter, you may have already seen this collaboration first. But I am so excited to share a few more details with you!


Draper James Summer Line

I got a sneak peek at their summer line before it launched and can we just say it’s HOT HOT HOT! I got to try on several dresses – with the Blue Floral being my absolute favorite. It’s light, flowy and so comfy. It’s stylish enough for an evening BBQ or Sunday morning church. They also have so many cute styles with denim, chambray and florals. Totally in love!

Draper James Cake

To add extra sprinkles to the party, I collaborated on designing a cake with Pretty Sweet Desserts and sourced balloons from Hip + Hooray! To REALLY bring the party to California (we’re ALL waiting for our own California Draper James location), we drew inspiration from the Draper James storefront designs, bringing in details like their blue awning, signature blue gingham pattern and bright and cheery aesthetic. If you’ve ever visited a Draper James store or seen photos online of a store (they’re all currently in the South), you’ll always think of them when you see sweet tea (or anything from the South for that matter) because they actually serve that Southern staple right in the boutique. The cake was a white cake with strawberry lemonade filling, and I just couldn’t get enough of it! Such a fun flavor to go with a gorgeous design – the perfect addition to the Draper James birthday party!

I couldn’t be MORE excited to watch a memorable brand evolve over the past 5 years. Branding is my SECRET passion and whenever I see a well-branded business, it does something to my heart. It feels like it skips a beat and flutters! Draper James is definitely one of those brands for me, and I was so honored to collaborate and to be a part of such a huge celebration with you all! Cheers to 5 years, sisters!

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  1. What an incredible collaboration!!!! I love the cake, dress and everything about this!!!

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