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Christmas Entertaining

I am SO excited to collaborate with one of my favorite girls in Hollywood – Reese Witherspoon – and her brand, Draper James!! Even though I am from California, I have several friends from the South who tease me that I am secretly Southern because I am so “cheery and warm.” I am a Southern girl at heart! ;) This collaboration came naturally to me as entertaining and recipes are my favorite!! Reese’s brand is absolutely STUNNING – you’re going to love it! Hop on over to Reese’s blog to see more photos and a fun Q&A! And stay tuned, because we’re brewing up more ideas as we speak for 2018!




Adding gingham ribbon to the top of the Christmas tree was one of my favorite touches.



I am officially ready for a quiet evening of Hallmark Christmas movies annnnnd eggnog of course! It’s been quite an eventful week! ;)

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