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DIY Polka Dot Easter Eggs

LOL! I think it’s safe to call this week easter egg week at BFFF! We’ve been working on ways to bring new life to BFFF, and I have to admit, playing with Easter Egg DIYs makes me ALMOST as excited as I felt with our pumpkin DIY projects!

Who else is totally obsessed with polka dots. That pretty much makes us instant best friends- ME TOO! One thing I love about Easter eggs is how easy it is to decorate the eggs with any design you want. You can use them to display on tables at your party or anywhere else – the sky is the limit!

And if you’re like me and have the hardest time throwing your hard work away after the big day hits, you can even buy plain white DIY eggs that you can  to paint and save year after year for a display.   =)


How To Make Pink Polka Dot Easter Eggs


  • Plain white Easter eggs (boiled or plastic)
  • Light pink paint
  • Bright pink paint
  • Paint brush


  1. Paint your eggs with your light pink paint and let dry.
  2. Paint on polka dots using your dark pink paint and let dry.

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