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Sprinkle Ice Cream Cones


Who doesn’t love sprinkles? Sprinkles are fun no matter what age, and these sprinkle cones are easy and quick to make. They are sure to be a hit at your next event, especially because they are completely edible, from the ice cream all the way down to the last bite of waffle cone. Chelsey of Big Bright Bold brought us these sweetly styled cones with rainbow sprinkles, but you could use any color you like to match any theme or event! Sprinkle on!



—one can of white frosting
—a jar of sprinkles
—waffles cones
—a knife
1. Take the waffle cones out of the package and separate them. Be careful, because the cones break easily.
2. Dip the knife into the frosting and spread the frosting along the edge of the waffle cone (approximately a 1/2″). Continue to do this around the entire waffle cone, being sure to apply enough frosting in order for the sprinkles to stick.
3. Shake the sprinkles over the top of the frosting. Continue to shake the sprinkles around the cone until all of the white frosting is covered.
4. Shake off any excess sprinkles and let the frosting air dry for at least 10 minutes. Do not stack cones until the frosting has dried.
What’s your favorite thing to decorate with sprinkles?
Tutorial and Photos by Big Bright Bold  exclusively for Best Friends For Frosting

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  1. totally cute and simple DIY! love the styling of this photo, too – can i come to this party and eat some of those powdered sugar d-nuts!? ^__^

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