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Halloween Candy Corn Dessert

While there may be an ongoing debate about whether or not candy corn is weird or delicious (I personally think it’s delicious!), I can assure you this fun recipe is just as cute as it is tasty! My love for this Halloween treat inspired this sophisticated cream cheese mousse recipe! It’s seriously so simple, and your guests will enjoy the flavor as well as the adorable presentation.
I absolutely LOVE how these turned out! The more pastel looking colors make them a little girlier, but the candy corn stripes make them a definite Halloween staple! I think the sprinkles were a great finishing touch, but you could even adorn them with some actual candy corn! I can’t wait to make these for a fun get-together with friends or as a Halloween dessert for the kids!

Those 20 for $5 disposable shot glasses will be your best friend!!

Candy Corn Shooters


  • Materials8 oz package cream cheese1/2 C powdered sugar1/3 cup milk1 tsp vanilla1 container cool whipOrange & yellow food coloringPink sprinkles Step 1On medium speed mix together all your ingredients in a bowl. Step 2Divide your cheesecake mousse into three equal parts in your bowls, add your yellow color to one and your orange to another. Mix color. Step 3Add each candy corn mousse into a piping bag and fill the inside of your shooter glasses one at a time starting with yellow at the bottom, orange next, and white on the top. Step 4Add sprinkles.

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