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Halloween Swan Pumpkin

If you’ve been following BFFF for a while, you know there are a few adorable animals that I’m obsessed with – flamingos, unicorns (totally counts!), and of course, swans! I love how elegant they are. Lately, they have been easy to create DIYs around!

This chic pumpkin is no different! My favorite part might be that it’s a great alternative to carving. Sometimes scooping slimy pumpkin seeds just doesn’t sound like a good time unless it’s with the kids- of course. Just count me out for clean-up! ;) For this fun swan pumpkin, you can stack two like I did or use just one pumpkin that’s a little larger! Just make sure to wash the pumpkin before painting to make sure the paint goes on smoothly.
The great thing about this DIY is that it doesn’t even have to be a swan. You can get creative and make literally any animal you want! The sky is the limit- just make sure to have fun! ;)




Pink paint
Pink construction paper
Gold pen
Black pen


Step 1
Paint your pumpkin pink.
Step 2
Draw and cut out your swan head, wings, and tail.
Step 3
Draw your eyes and outline your wings.
Step 4
Hot glue your swan pieces onto your pumpkin.

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